Have I gone mad????

Hello Ladies and babies, I think something strage is happening to me and would like to know if anyone has felt the same.

My baby girl, Rhian, is 12 weeks today and is doing really well. Not in routine yet but she's getting there.

But just recently (wait for it) I feel like I really want another baby, and now. I just miss being pregnant and everything that goes with it. I've got 2 cousins and 2 friends pregnant all due this month and i cant wait to see them all.

My OH just laughed and i know am just being silly. If we do decide to have another baby it will be in a couple of years.

Why do i feel like this????? I have a 12 year old boy with an attitude and a 12 week old who c an be quite demanding.

Has anyone else felt like this or am I the only one ?????

Kerry xxx


  • Oh my goodness I feel like this ALL the time!! Am totally baby obssessed since having my lo love all babies, worry about what I see on the telly about babies and would LOVE another baby but oh very sensibly says we can't afford one now as I'm on stat mat and the house is tiny and well blah, blah, blah!
    Considering I hadn't a clue about babies before (not sure I do now much!!) and hated holding one incase I broke it I'm like a different woman-in a good way! I LOVED being pregnant so I totally understand Kerry! x
  • no you haven't gone bad I have a 16 week old and didn't like being pregnant and deffinatly don't miss it...but can't wait to have another lo!!!
  • No ur not mad I am soooo broody its drivin me nuts! we can't afford to have another baby for a while tho so will have to wait. Every1 seems to b pg tho im so jealous. The weirdist thing of all is i really want to b in labour again!
  • i feel like this too. love my lo but would love another now too
  • I adored being pregnant, like it was my vocation!!!! I loved my bump, I loved feeling kicks, I loved the attention, the build up, the shopping, the anticpation and ooooh the whole thing.....! And yes I enjoyed being in labour too, it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

    I told my hubby the other day I can't wait to be pregnant again and he said 'but she's only 3 wks old!!! you had a horrible delivery, how can you be broody!?' :lol:
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