Blowing bubbles

James never used to do this, but recently he has started 'blowing' bubbles. They sit on his lips. Is this just part of the extra saliva, chewing hand, preparing for teeth? Thanks. xx mithical and James 9 weeks 3 days.


  • hello

    i have no idea why but jacobs been doing this for a couple of weeks as well as chewing his hand off :lol:
  • James has started dribbling as well, but he doesn't do it a great deal. So maybe this is instead of that. x
  • Yes my 13 week old has been doing exactly as you describe for about 4 weeks now and is showing no signs of stopping either. His little cheeks are getting a bit sore now will all the rubbing away. Can only assume it's teeth preparation but not entirely sure xx
  • Niamh has been doing this too but I would have thought she was way to young to be preparing for teething as she is only 6 and half weeks x
  • Lyvi does this too! I read somewhere that babies who blow bubbles learn to talk a lot quicker ;\)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • Thanks NN, well that's something we can put to the test isn't it?! xx :\)
  • jack is doing this too, glad he isn't the only one. I wondered if it was a normal thing to do and this puts my mind at rest. Thanks girls x
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