Help needed please

Hi Ladies

It just feels like one thing after another at the moment!!

My LO hasn't been sleeping very well at all for the past month i thought it was due to teething but she wakes up numerous times during the night screaming and i mean screaming really hard to settle again.

Last week i started to look into other reasons for this as i have aslo realised when she wakes up screaming she draws her knees up to her chest - tummy ache / pain ???

I kept a food and sleep diary last week and the only thing i can see is dairy products may make it worse as some days i gave her them and others i didn't.

Can anyone shed any light on whether dairy products caould cause her to wake with tummy ache


Cazz (one very tired mummy!!)


  • I know how you feel.... my lo hasn't slept for over a month now and I am also very tired.... he doesnt seem to have tummy ache or anything tho, I am sorry I cannot suggest anything to help. I didnt wanna read and run but thought I would let you know that I know how you feel xxx
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