Birth mark or mole?

My LO has a mark on his leg, which I first noticed when he was a couple of weeks old and has grown with age. Started as a pin prick size and now it's maybe 5mm diameter round. It's very dark, mole coloured but is flat, like a freckle, but isn't freckle coloured. Hope this is making sense.

Has anyone elses LO's got one of these, what do you think it is and might it be anything to worry about it? Thanks xx


  • Hi lawso,

    haven't got much advice really as not experienced this, dd has a dirty looking bruise birthmark on her bum but that's all. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but it might be worth a visit to your gp just to make sure?

    Not much help I know!!!!

  • Thanks for trying to help jw82, appreciate your reply xx
  • hey my lo has a brown patch on top of his thigh it's light in colour like a brown spot. i think it's a birth mark i have one on my arm, it has also got bigger with him. Don't think it's anything to worry about maybe just ask hv next time? xx
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