To swaddle or not to swaddle?!

Hi ladies,

My daughter is a week old, and I have been swaddling her every night as per what the midwifes done when we were in the hospital.

I have been reading the little bounty magazine since I got home, and it says never to swaddle a baby in their cot.

Now I'm totally unsure - my daughter seems to love being swaddled in her carrycot, but am I doing the wrong thing?

Thanks girls

Rucky & Eva 1 week


  • I swaddled until Lucas was 14 weeks roughly. The thing to be aware of us overheating, but with the cooler weather now that is less of a worry I would say.

    A lot of people swaddle, so I would say don't worry!

  • We swaddled until 5 months and it was great - he sept much longer and better when swaddled than when not. I will definitely be doing it with the next babies!!
  • i am not sure it is classed as swaddling, but we wrap a sheet securely (though not too tightly) around her from below her arms (because she likes these free... this has the same effect of calming her that the swaddling in the hospital had!

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