hv...who made them god!!

Im gonna apolagise in advance for my rant but its a crappy rainy cold bank holiday and im in a ranty mood!

Its a wonder how babies ever made it threw the day before hvs! Ive just read on another tpoic that people are being told not to use bumpers in cot anymore.....why??? people have been using them for years! |There are so many things that your not allowed to do these days, some of them seem semi sensible, some of them are just down right stupid! Its a wonder the population didnt die out years ago the way these hvs scare us mummys. One hv tells you to do one thing and another tells you not to do it!!! Its sooooo annoying! Can i get a "here here"!?

ok rant over!

notsosunnymum21 xxx

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  • lol!!! Here here!!
    I have 2 older children and the things you are not supossed to do now is silly. It never bothered them so it won't bother Sam. I think my hv is scared of me now as when she tells me something I go and do the opposite.
  • i cant even remember the stuff i have been told i "cant" do now there is that many! can anyone refresh my memory? xx
  • The rules about what is safe and what isn't change because babies were injured or died. Difficult lessons were learned so other babies could be safe. Some things that were considered safe years ago have been proven not to be. Car seat and even seat belts weren't mandatory once upon a timeCot bumpers aren't recommended because of the danger of suffocation and strangulation. .





  • well that put me in my place....
  • I agree with Allie73 - after all, cot death numbers reduced by 75% after FSID launched their safe sleep advice. That's the kind of statistic you just can't ignore.
  • My hv told me drinking fizzy juice would give me fizzy milk lol
  • seriously!!!???
  • Not quite as daft as it sounds! I couldn't drink fizzy drinks while I was breastfeeding as it gave Millie wind lol
  • i agree with arty farty. as harri becomes distressed quickly in situations were hes trapped or prevented from moving! xxx
  • I think with cot bumpers you can make your own choice as to if it is more helpfull than harmfull, as long as it is attached safely I can't see it being any more of a risk than a blanket which as most mums will know even a nwborn can work loose and move about through the night no matter how tightly you tuck them in.
    Some of the changes are worth listening to but I think you learn to pick and choose what you feel is reasonable for you.
    I make all my bottles up in advance, naughty mummy!!
  • Evening ladies....

    I have had an issue with any hv's and md's. I have found that they are very forceful and always making one feel guilty. Yes to be forceful and give advice is the key. At the end of the day we will blame them fornot giving us the information in the first place.

    But they tend to be very forceful and it's a turn off and I find myself turning off cause I feel like I'm being told off like a child. I am getting my baby a bumper. Cause she has been fine sleeping in my bed.

    I think it's whatever you feel comfortable with. The same went for eating peanuts and allsorts of other things while pregnant.

    I was made to feel so guilty about her birth weight being lost...when peadiatritions said it was normal.And md got a cob on cause I said I decided not to breastfeed. It was my decision......And she avoided me the next day.... And I had my own reasons so did not feel the need to explain myself to her....you get my here here!!!!
  • its definatly a mothers own choice wether or not to use them. i will. my friends lo got her feet caught in the bars and from then on wouldnt sleep in her cot coz she got in such a state and scared her xxx
  • my lo is 18months and i still have the cot bumper on. she sleeps across the top of the cot up against it and if it not on she doesnt sleep. she sleeps so hard up against the top of the cot she would be constantly banging her head if it wasnt on.

    i do agree that hv's are here to help and i have a really nice one but i also think you need to use your on mummy brain when deciding what good and bad for your child.
  • I listened to all the advice given by Hvs and in books,online ect BUT then i think as time goes by you make your own mind up its sometimes just a question of what is easier for you and baby!like making bottles up in advance(but im sure most do this?)i did and took some upstairs with me otherwise lo would scream and scream whilst i was doenstairs making bottles up and get into a right state and be harder to settle back down!BUT i admit i stopped using a cot bumper after i walked in to find lo with his head stuck under it screaming and bright red!!!!!!!!!
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