FAO mums who want to earn a bit extra....

hi ladies and babies ....well im writing this in the hope it might help someone who doesnt want to go back to their old job but who still want to earn money whilst being a full time mummy .....

i dont want to go back to work in august as i work for tesco and they are totally child NOT FRIENDLY ...absence targets bla bla bla ....if my children are ill i dont give a shiiiiittttteeee about their stoopid targets!! ...so i enquired about body shop AND ....its a good little money earner , a lady from body shop came round last night to talk to me about it and although i havnt signed up yet cos its too soon i am going to ....at each party u aim to make ??250 and u take a 25% cut of that ....the lady said for doin 2 parties a week which is an average and easy amount ...only 3 hours per party u can be taking home ??120 ish ...not bad for something that is fun with no targets ...(u have to sell ??150 worth in 3 months to keep ure membership alive)and u can work around ure family life ....she said the more u want to earn the more u work ..

she was here for over 2 hours explaining it all to me and there is far too much info to write down but if anyone is interested and wants to ask anything (if i remember) feel free to msg me

i just thought this might be a way for another mum like me to have the best of both worlds image

lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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