Not returning to work (SMP question)

My SMP ends at the end of May but I have decided not to go back.
I really want to let them know as soon as possible as they are having a reshuffle and the girl doing my job I going to be moved elsewhere, she really wants to stay in the role and will be able to if I tell them I'm not going back.

My question is, if I let them know earlier (this week!) can they stop my SMP or will I still get it until May?

Thank you



  • If it's just the basic smp, they can't stop paying you that. Did they pay you over and above smp? Mine did, so I am waiting until my pay stops before telling them I don't want to go back.
  • cate, do you have to pay the additionl back?
  • They told me I would, but I can't see how they could make me? They owe me some share money, so they might be able to take it out of that.
  • i would have to pay the additional back if i became a sahm. :roll:
  • how do they do that as i would owe a few thousand all togther and obviosly i wouldnt be working so how do you pay it back? can you say i'll pay it a so many pound a week?
  • Give HR a call and they would be able to tell you. I don't have to pay back what I got, but everything above smp your employer can ask back if you do not return to work. Sometimes it states in the maternity policy that you need to come back for 2 months and than resign and than you do not have to pay anything back. Some employers want you to come back longer or shorter, but the only way to find out is to phone your HR department.
  • I can't speak to my HR dept, so I just called ACAS. They said that it depends on how your contract is worded. Your employer has the right to ask for the money back, and once you are no longer an employee, it is then a civil matter. This can then be taken to court, although it can sometimes be too costly and lengthy to pursue. He said companies are usually grateful of an offer of payment, however small, as it saves them from the hassle of going to court.

    He did say they can't take money out of your SMP now though Lulu.
  • I just get SMP so I don't have to pay any back, just worried about them stopping my stat pay

  • No Lulu, i think your alright with SMP, they cant stop that!

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