I think we have an elephant upstairs


It's been a couple of weeks or so since we took the sides of Charlotte's bed. She still gets out when put to bed. I was hoping she would get bored of it. Tonight she is hyper and is going mad upstairs. So noisy. And rattling the stairgate like crazy. Hopefully she'll wear herself out. I do hope the novelty of the sides being off wear off this side of Christmas :x

Yet at nap times...staight to sleep!:roll:


  • Lmao! I know this very well! (Isaac) How is she doing in her big girls bed?
  • She still gets out but I've nearly learnt to ignore her and she can get back in bed by herself. She also gets up early sometimes (6am) and gets in bed with us!
    She didn't have a nap yesterday though and she went straight to sleep. Trouble is she got overtired earlier on and screamed her head off so giving up the nap just yet is not an option really.
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