anyone got a vw touran??

hey ladies just wondered iof anyone has one and what they think of it?we r gonna go look at one on sat so wondered if anybody could reccommend? xxx


  • I work for VW and considered getting a Touran, but decided it was too sensible for us! The 2.0 litre 140bhp diesel engine is probably the best to go for, quick, torquey and good on fuel. Try to go for a medium to high spec model, the basic ones are a bit too basic for my liking!

    Are you looking at new/used? Is the one you're looking at online - I could have a look at the advert and see if I can help you further from that?

    Corinna x
  • hi there thanx for the reply,yea its used had 1 owner from new 55000 miles and is deisel.We have baby number 3 on the way and the vw's seem to have a better review than the zafiras.My hubbie wanted a subaru impreza turbo(sensible hey!!) but managed to convince him that we need a "family" car!!lol r u on ebay i could give u the item number?? its actually being sold at a garage just up the road frm us xx
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