Clairvoyant experiences?

Hve never reallybelieved in 'the after life' or anything like that untill I had the oddest experience probably about 8 or 9 years ago. A friend of a friends was off to live in Oz and my mate decieded to have a girly send off for her. So we all to together and hired a clairvoylant (sorry sp!!) who someone else had had and had predicted her divorce (another amazing but long story). So we all took it in turns to go up to the attic with a blank cassette tape (yes I am that old and this was a heck of a long time ago!!). He sat at a table and just sort of talked, didin't ask me anything and I can't remember most of what he said. But before I went I suddenly felt my right cheek burn and go all red (like a hot flush!). Felt a bit silly but he said a tall women has kissed your cheek, she says she loves and misses you and asks how Chris is. I nearly fell of me flippin' chair! Chris was someone important in our lives and it must have been me Mum. Always think about that and I have to say I do have more faith now. So what about anyone else?


  • seen loads searching for my mum, but never seen one who convinced me properly.i'd love to find a gd one. if anyone has any details i would be interested. xx
  • i go to the spiritualist church normally once if not twice a week i have had lots of messages some have ment nothing but other have made me cry and lost for words! recently i have lost my nan she has come through a lot , and abot 2 weeks ago it was the anaversary of my brothers best friends death so we took flowers to his grave, and went to church that night the spiritualist had never even seen us before and gave us the message quite a long winded one but ended in saying thank you for the flowers , also in the message he said congratulations on the baby he was very excited for them (my brother girlfriend is 33 weeks preg)
  • Wow didn't realise there are proper churches. Bet it makes people feel so much better. Sorry to hear about your Nan faith&finley, was 3 years ago in October when I lost mine and I know how hard it is withour her so messages from her must be great-if that's the right word? x
  • the churches are fantastic and free!!! and the one i go to is not godly in anway and the only prayer said is the lords prayer the rest of it 1.5 hurs is done by a clairvoient giving messages out its great ! been a real help as i have lost both my nans this year within a few weeks of each other and just the litle messages really help
  • Oh babe that's awful. I lost my Nan 2 weeks after we had our m/c and its just too much to take all at once. YOur church sounds like its really helped you through.
  • Couldn't agree more tallkatie2. Your post made me think about my Mum and then the clairvoyant-hope you don't mind the post? x
  • hi. my great aunt was a spirtual medium healer. she was an amazing lady. it has carried through the family. i have the gift of medium ship but still need to know how to channel it. it doesn't scare me but really intrigues me. i to have seen people who have passed over, and have been visited by my grandad and nanny shortly after they passed over. my grandad took me to the place he was , i described it to my mum and she was shocked as this also where he took her, and my nanny came to me and she was dancing and clapping , she was a dancer in her younger days, and i have also predicted small happenings in my friends lives and they have came true. nothing bad though. and a true medium never charges . it's a fascinating world to get into. it really intrigues me. xx
  • i love my geek have u ever thought about joing a group to help you channel it better my my has just joined one and is able to give small messages with the help of the clair voient most churches run one for free
  • faith&finley is anyone welcome to attend the churches? My MIL has always found it difficult to get over the loss of her mother a few years ago and is willing to spend a small fortune going to mediums. I think somewhere like this would be much better as you know they are not scamming you.
  • yeah its welcome to all all they ask is for a small dontation to cover electricty and heating most people put about 50p in
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