Is the Petite Star Zia really any good?

Hiya all,

We are fed up with our Silver Cross 3d as it's so bulcky and a pain to push, only really got it cos it looked so comfy for newborn baby. Summer is 7 months now so doesn't need a big one now. I have been looking at the zia as it looks lovely and reclines and seems very light.

Is it really any good though? I would use it twice a day on the school run and for shopping trips etc when I would need to hang bags on it. Have heard that it is flimsy and won't hold bags, is that true I just dont want to waste ??100 on a buggy if it's too flimsy and not worth it.

Thanks for any info or past experiences!

P.S I like the teal colour but would it be ok for a girl or too boyish? Oh doesn't want a pink one


  • Hi there

    I had a silver cross 3d too and I did love it but wanted something more lightweight for my little man and we got the zia! I LOVE IT!!!! it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to push dead light, folds up and down like a breeze and dead small, reclines and lo is REALLY comfy in it, I put my (OVER FILLED) handbag, his change bag and a bag of shopping on the back and it doesn't fall over even when I take lo out!

    I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT - so glad we bought it!!!! DOn't know about the colour though - we got a bargain deal online but there was no colour choice so got the forest check!

    HTH image
  • hiya, I have the zia in teal for my lil one but would use it for a girl. I dont think there is a perfect buggy out there but I do like this is not flimsy made and seems robust and sturdy mechanically. Folds up small and is easy to push and steer. I love the recline on it and the cosy toes is really warm and nice. I use it for shopping etc and would reccommend not hanging to many bags on it, or if you do, dont let go. But with changing bag on it i would safely but two medium carrier bags on each handle.It does not cope with grass, rough ground very easily as it has small wheels but then it would not be as light if it did so there is a coprimise.

    I really like this buggy and think it would be the only one you would ned provided not doing country walks every day! Hope this helps? Lauren

    ps. Have seen the zia four which might be a bit more stable?
  • Thanks hun,

    I have just read a few reviews online that say the wheels fall off or get stuck but hope thats not common!

    How long have you had yours? I really like the cranberry one but oh would refuse to push it lol.xx
  • Mousenose, no I wouldn't go for country walks or anything so thats ok lol. Just the school run and general shopping etc so this looks like it could be the right one.xx
  • Hi!!
    It's fab!! I love mine!! I have the Mamas and Papas Ultima-which I love-but wanted a light weight one for holidays!

    And so I brought the Zia-and I love it!! I use it whenever I am getting the bus after the school run-or when I get the train! I coped really well in the snow!!
    Lydia xx
  • Thats good to know! I don't really use the basket anyway theres a load of crap under ours at the mo like gloves and hats lol. The only thing I would keep under there is my strong reusable tesco bag for when popping to the shop and raincover until the weather
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