Height of baby at 7/8 months (in cms)

I was just wandering what the "average" height is for a 7/8 month old. How tall are/were your los at this age?


  • Hi I got Kara's height done on Thursday past. She is 69cm although she is 9 months tomorrow so a bit older than you have mentioned. She is actually quite long like her daddy. At 7/8 months she was probably around the same height.
  • Wow now i understand why everyone says jayden is a "big" boy hes 7 1/2months and is 78cms!! I dont actually feel like I have a baby though which is quite sad
  • My little man is 70cm and ony just turned 5 months!
  • Your boys are both very long. Kara was 5 1/2 weeks prem and was 46cm when born. So I suppose she is long in comparison to what she was lol.
  • oh god yeh if she was prem that makes alot more sense. Girls are meant to be smaller anyway when they little i think image
  • Oh my god...read this out of curiosity...my lo is 5 WEEKS and 65cm!! Lol. x
  • Alex is 14 weeks (13 adjusted) and is 69cm... Was 50cm at birth.
  • dont worry girlies the growing does slow down, you wont have a 5footer by the time they are 7 months hehe x
  • Blake was 56cm at birth and was 9lbs. last time i had him measured (too long ago really!) was when he was about 8 months and he was 76cm. hes 13months now but dont think hes much more than about 80cm...but not sure lol
  • My lo's 6mth and 70cm, top o the chart for girls!
  • Ollie was 69cm at 7 months old, but now at 1 year old his growth has slowed and he's only now got to 75 cm. He was 19inches at birth (not sure what that is in cm...?) so was long then but has settled down nicely now image

  • My lo has NEVER been measured so I wouldn't know!!!
  • My lo was never measured especially birth which i was quite sad really so i ave to do it myself. I like to see how much he grows every week ( or every few weeks)
  • lennon was 57cm wen born 9lb 71/2oz and is just turned a year and is 87cm,he salways been a big boy as daddy is 6.5" tall,hes always over hes estimated size on charts and is nearly up to his cousins shoulders and he is 5

    trying to get belts for the skinny waist is a nightmare but need it for the long legs aaarrgh!
  • Hello, my lo is nearly ten months and is 75cms, but I am nearly 6ft and her Dad is 6ft 3 so she is going to be one tall chick when she is older.
  • same here clmoore, im 5'10 and jaydens dad is 6' but I reckon he will top both of us!
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