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just back from paed appt and tyler been diagnosed with reflux and prescribed rentadine. has anyone else's bubs been on this ? how long did it take to make a difference and did it work ?




  • cant advice about bubs, but i take it & its fantastic!!!! really helps i have bad reflux & HB & indi etc literally works within hours, i can always tell if i've forgotten to take as can feel it starting
  • cant advice about bubs, but i take it & its fantastic!!!! really helps i have bad reflux & HB & indi etc literally works within hours, i can always tell if i've forgotten to take as can feel it starting
  • We saw a difference within hours of using the ranitidine alongside the Gaviscon!

    Good luck...
    C xx
  • Brody showed relief within hours hon - and definately a big noticeable change the following day.. he was a different baby to the one Id know who was in constant pain and screaming. I can't recommend this stuff enough!! It's 3 times a day (same for you?) so we give it first thing when he wakes up in the morn before his feed, then at lunch time, then at 630ish in the eve after his bath and before his feed to go to bed.

    I really hope this helps Tyler. How did he go with his cot? I also use a cot wedge for Brody's reflux to elevate him when he sleeps and this is useful.
  • We also saw a difference within hours of giving ranitidine along side infant gaviscon. My LO has been on ranitidine since September 09, we tried to wean him off it in December but his reflux was just as bad. He is 7 months old now but we would be lost without the ranitidine!!

    We give LO ranitidine 3 times a day. Morning around 6:30am then lunchtime and before bed at 6:30pm.

  • hi ladies

    thanks for your responses, he's only to have it every 8 hours because of his weight (13lb 6) he is also on cow and gate comfort but have noticed that this along with the gaviscon is really thick and he's working really hard to get any out so will have to get bigger teats.

    hi sim, we've knocked the cot on the head for a while as the dr said to let him sleep wherever he is comfy for the moment until he improves, and am going to put a single mattress in his room when he's ready to do it properly.

  • Probably a good call on the cot hon. We put Brody in his cot 1-2 wks after started him on the renitadine and he settled quite well in it (once we could finally get him to sleep that is!). But take one thing at a time and deal with his reflux first.

    At least now you have a diagnosis and your armed with something that will hopefully help. On a thread I started about wind and reflux, a girl suggested a formula in oz that is designed to help babies with reflux. After I read some online reviews on it, many reported their lo suffering from constipation as a result. Ive also read the same thing being said of the gaviscon. It may not happen for all babies but just be aware of this for Tyler on the C&G and the gaviscon as Id hate for you to find another problem is introduced. Hopefully the renitadine will do the trick for you. Im so glad you finally got some help after all this time and that you start to see the real little man beneath all that pain.. and you start to get some good nights sleep!

  • My LO was 12 weeks prem and last summer after weeks of her constantly screaming and us only being able to hold her in one position (lying face down along our arms) I took her to her paedeatrician as our HV was useless. She was diagnosed with Silent Reflux and put on Ranitidine 3 times a day (she only weighed about 7lb at this point), the dose should be decided on weight. and also Gaviscno in her milk,.We noticed a difference within a cuple of days. She was only meant to be on it for a couple of weeks, but when we tried to take her off she was terrible again after a week so she went back on it for another 5 months, and came off it last November. She still has Gavison, 2 sachets in every bottle (always has been, even in her 5oz bottles). We found to combat the constipation, as she didn't drink much water, we water down all her bottles slightly, so now she is 13 months she has 9oz water to 7 scoops of powder and 2 gaviscon sachets. I know it sounds wrong and goes against all the advice on the tim etc, but it has always worked for us and our Pae has no problems with it. They recommend it a lot if your LO is ill, to keep fluids up. She kept gaining weight so we were never worried. And yes, we did have to get the next size up teats as it does make the milk a little thicker. She has also always, snince then, had a pillow under her fitted sheet in her cot, to prop her up slightly to help with the reflux, worked wonders! x
  • Ranitidine is great stuff. Not used it with my baby but use it at work a lot. You do usually have to go up a teat size when using gaviscon but you dont usually use Gaviscon and a thickened formula together. Did the Paed suggest this? It is usually an either/or but it might be different in your case x
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