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Help - Oral thush on nipples.. do I call doc?

Help I really don't know what to do. I am pretty sure I have thrush on my nipples as feeding little one has become more and more painful esp on one side and this morning they look whiteish. They are slightly itchy and I think the other less painful one has it too.

Been online NHS and I have confirmed its thrush - but I need a prescription and its sat am...
Will they be annoyed if I ring emergency no? for something like this?

Little one was crawing at his face after his feed I really do hope he isn't in pain..

Any advice on what to do or treatments would be great.. Thanks


  • My little as had abot 6 time she 18 week old i know can stuff from chemist for the baby i used daktarin i got on prescrpition and first time i got it over the counter as it was a sunday You ring NHS direct ask them wont you can get at the chemist for self or just go the chemist sure you buy some cream for you self not sure wont its called. My little girl was only 2 weeks and did not wont wait in the walk in center
    Has the baby got it look white spots in month that will not rub off you be better getting some thing for both of you. hope you have some look cazmac10

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  • have a look on the nhs site for your local walk in center, you can then see a doc and shouldn't have to wait too long if you say you want lo to see someone too. best to get it sorted today if it's effecting feeding.
  • My lo and I have had this a couple of times and I rang the GP and they prescribed over the phone. I was given canestan 1% for me and lo had nystatin then daktarin. You could get the canestan from a pharmacist but I think you would be better checking with your GP first as you lo will need treatment too which will need a prescription. As lisajoy said, it is important as it's affecting feeding, I didn't realise what it was to start with and didn't know why my lo wasn't eating properly.

    My hv also suggested washing bras at 60 to destroy the thrush and changing beast pads at least 4 times a day. Hope this helps and you get it sorted, xxx
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