really stupid question!

Hi ladies!

Just a quick silly question! my son is 15 months and i always put him in a baby vest (you know with poppers at the crotch!) hubby keeps asking me why i put him in a vest and he thinks he doesn't need to wear one! what age did you stop putting a vest on your lo's??

Samantha 22+3 weeks


  • i think i wore vests until i was about 8.....
  • I'd keep him in them as long as possible - they keep nappies in place, they keep Lo's tummy nice and warm if their tops ride up...A little boy my mil looked after probably wore them till he was 3
  • I agree with Tiger Lily. the only time i don't put a vest on Charlotte is when it's very hot (so not often lol)! My sister still puts a vest on her 3 yr old - obviously not a body vest, just a normal vest!!
  • Hi my son is 19mths and he still wears those vests.though i have bought him some normal vests as will be easier for when i start toilet training!!
    I also think i will keep him in vests till hes much much older....
    I wore vests till i was about nine or ten i think then crop top things hehe
  • thanks, i agree, and it does help to keep nappy in place and hidden!
  • I think I will keep Kara in a vest until she is at least 6 or 7 but obviously not the one with the poppers. I think they are grear for keeping them warm.
  • i kept Zach in one until he was potty training and now he always wears one without poppers, keeps him cosy! x
  • yeh i had a vest aswell til i was quite old just a normal vest x x
  • Both mine have worn the vest with poppers till potty training age. Charlie still wears the ones with poppers sometimes and she is 2. They both wear normal vests unless it is summer, my eldest is 4 now. I can remember wearing a vest till I was 10ish, then it was a 'crop top' for a while b4 moving on to a bra! x
  • My DS was always a hot little thing - think he stopped wearing vests when he was about 18 months - he certainly wasn't wearing them by the time we were toilet training. I think it depends on the child...
  • my son is a very hot lil man, he gets very frustrated if he's even slightly warm! i can never put him in a really thick winter jacket cuz he just gets figitty and upset, he tends to wear a jumper and a thin jacket which he's happy with, but i worry that people think i'm not a good mum taking him out in cold weather in a thin jacket but thats just him!!
    Last summer i rarely put him in a vest!
  • ~Ollie still wears a vest at almost 22 months, it keeps him warm, and his nappy in place but is also the first thing to get hit with one of 'those' nappies... thus saving his clothes in many cases! :lol:
    Think we'll have him in them until potty training, then put him in a non popper vest until he's older...
    Missy will prob be wearing them forever, as they're no different to the bodysuits I used to wear when i was a young girl and teenager (and they were fashionable then too ;\) )

  • My lo is nearly 14months and im in no hurry to get her out of those vests with poppers! She hates being cold so theyre great for keeping her tummy covered if clothes ride up! Never even crossed my mind there might be an age to stop wearing them!x
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