What will our babies never do..... (for fun)

Just thinking of all the things my baby probably wont do that i did. She wont:

Buy a cassette tape from woolworths
Watch a video
Eat a trio
Drink hooch (my god that stuff was awful)
Remember Michael Jackson before he was a freak

Thats all i can think of right now!!! What else has changed since we were all little???


  • *play outside all day only comin home for tea at 5pm ...sad but true this is actually the only thing i can think of right now :lol: xxxxxxxxxx
  • Be able to buy opal fruits or a marathon!!!
  • oh - my reply didn't work!

    I said about opal friuts and marathins too!
    only have 4 tv channels to choose from
    have to leave the house to go shopping

    I think cd's will be a thing of the past one day too...
  • Watch Byker Grove!! I loved that, i can still remember when pj (or was it duncan??) was blinded in the paintballing incident. It put me off paintballing for life.

    Aw that so sad but true chuffedbaby. We always had to be home when the streetlights came on.
  • remember a time when you couldnt pause/record your tele!

    such a shame about the playing out one isnt it!

  • it was great being able to play outside.
    maybe buy a cd?
    eat a milky way the way i remember them : flyte tastes how milky ways used to taste.
  • Remember when you had to sit next to the phone to use it and make arrangements before you left the house?

    I dont see why we dont let our children play out. There is no more danger now than there was in the 60s, its a shame they all sit inside playing on Wiis. Some kids probably think tennis was invented for the Wii!!!
  • I feel so sorry for the children who grow up playing on games consoles all the time! I think it's awful and encourages children to be anti-social and play alone all the time! I personally will be letting Poppy play out (within reason of course) and if she ever does want a computer, her access to it will be limited and I will encourage her to play outside with real children!!
    I agree with Kirsty, I don't think there is that much more crime than there was when I was growing up - it's just the media is so much more developed now that we hear about every tiny little case.
    Poppy will never have a clue what a record was - or even a cassette I'm sure!! things that I grew up with! how scary is that?!
  • buy penny sweets for a penny!! lol
  • Lol at Saint Bertie and the Top 40 - I used to do that too.
    How about using a proper phone (instead of a cordless/mobile)
    Buying a pick n mix from Woolies
    Eat a Double Decker (not sure if you can still get them...)?
  • Lol St Bertie,those were the days!How about eat wham bars and blackjacks-loved those
  • Oh yeah - Wham bars. I once pulled a tooth out with a Mumbo Gumbo bar if anyone remembers them!!!???
  • ccbmommy they still have double deckers I have one every week I strip the crispy bit of then eat the top.
    The fact they cant seam to do any thing there are sighns everywhere now 'dont play on the grass' 'No ball games' etc
  • OOh I'll have to get a DD then!! Thanks Amie x
  • Never ring a mate to meet up when your about to leave the house saying 'leave now' and get to where your meeting and just having to wait for your mate to turn up or vice verser .. maybe ringing there house from a phone box to make sure they left! :lol:
  • oooh im not for 1 second saying jack and sophia wont be playing out ,jesus they will be out as much as possible i was saying that when i was 9 or 10 i would go out before my mum got up ,come home at 5pm for tea and back out till 8pm ,there is NO WAY i would let them out for this long without coming back to "base" to check in and i think their is more crime than in the 60's as the population of the world is bigger isnt it ?? and we live in a very quiet little town and i still wont let them out for long ,if needs be ill be with them ....cramp their style ...ha ha ha :lol:

    oh back to topic...watch button moon *lisa goes off into singing button moon **** and raggy dolls ooh i love em image xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • you can still get wham bars and dib dabs. get them in wilkinsons
  • listening to NKOTB and Kylie or Dirty Dancing albums on vinal!!!! God i feel old saying they were my first ever musical purchases!
    Being the cool kid to have the first shell suit!!!
  • Does anyone remember the drink Tab clear I loved it!

    Also i used to but 2 mojo sweets for 1p

    Does anyone remember 1/2 p pieces ????

  • that reminds me, I use to go to the local newsagent with friends when I was 5 yrs old and buy 20 sweets for 10p as you could but sweets for 1/2p each.
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