Baking...forgot the eggs.

Well every time i attempt to make cakes for me, oh and tegan they turn out really quite bad, today i thought i was doing well..nothing had gone wrong so i popped the banana muffins in the oven and started tidyin up my mess when i came accross the eggs image Surely it doesnt matter that much does it? :lol: xxx


  • I suspect you may have just made banana biscuits :lol: should still be edible though, we once made some biscuits out of baby rice (intentionally) and they turned out quite nice so you never know....
  • Oh dear.... :lol: Will i ever get it right? i tried to make chop chip cookies not so long ago and it covered the whole baking tray and rised :roll: x
  • Ive done the opposite hannah and attempted to make biscuits that didnt rise and just looked like teh cake mixture with a few minutes of cooking!
  • Lol @ chop chip cookies! i can bake quite well but when it comes to proper cooking i'm atrocious! i can burn water! lol! let us know how they turn out! x
  • Woops chop chip :lol: the banana muffins rised but they taste rly bad...what a surprise :roll: so i made up some choc chip muffins n they taste too day i'll get there :lol: xx
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