Personal Q - prolapse?

Hi Ladies,

Had a bit of a shock tonight. Was having a shower and felt very uncomfortable down below so after a check and a look in the mirror it looks like my insides have dropped! After much internet research (embaressing bodies site was excellent, they had photos) I think I may have a vaginal prolapse. I'm going to try and get into my GP asap, althougn intimate exams scare me poopless I know it has to be done, but I'm really unsettled.

Has anyone else had this? What happened? Could you recover/have more children? I know its very personal but if anyone could share an experience it would really help me xxx


  • I haven't had this either but know someone who has - she had an operation to fix it. She was back on her feet pretty quick afterwards so it must be fairly straightforward although I suspect this depends on the severity of the problem. Def get to your GP asap to get it checked out.

    Good luck!
  • I have a prolapse, they wouldn't do anything for me and told me to do pelvic floor exercises! I really should go back to the docs as 7 months on it's still there, not surprisingly pelvic floor exercises didn't help! TMI but tbh I don't notice it that much any more, it's not outside so to speak it's just at the "entrance" and doesn't cause me any discomfort any more, only a bit during sex sometimes image The doc did say something about needing to know if i want more kids, I made the assumption that an op would mean no more vaginal births for me, but after the one that gave me the prolapse that sounds like a bloody blessing in disguise!! I wouldn't worry too much, see what the doc saysimage
  • shy wave.........
    i am off to the docs in next few weeks to ask about this as since my son who was 8ib norm vaginal delvery (although quite a big head) 17 months ago i have not felt the same 'down there' ha. sometimes it would be achey after sex and just didnt feel as well supported some how. anyhow since being pregnant again(nearly27 weeks) i am noticing ths more and have had a few episodes where i have been on long walks or on feet alot and seems more evident. asked hubs if feels dif to him but he says no, think idea just grosses him out tho and he wouldnt want to worry me. Anyways just concerned what it going to be like as baby gets bigger, and effects post birth. is vaginal birth best option etc.
    anyways not much help, just wantd to reassure you that your not the only one to be contemplating this issue, let me know how you get on hun xxx

    oh i know if its mild they refer to physio and try pelvic floor exs first as most people do hem wrong and wth muscle training can help, if not surgery is an option although in young peoplet hey try to pt this off as it can need further surgery again in future and try wait till after finished childbearing as this wil effect results each time. the better state muscles in pre surgery better outcome post surgery xxx
  • Hi, I have a vaginal prolapse after having my (10lb) son! Mine was also not actually external but at the entrance. I did a whole pelvic floor course at hospital and since doing it it's relly helped. I'm never aware of it at all now although I think to look at its still there. I'm now preggers again so hopefully it won't cause any problems although I have been recommended a section this time (I also consider it a blessing!!!)
    Good luck & don't worry it can be fixed!
  • Thank you ladies for all your replies, I was really in a bad place last night, so low and couldn't stop crying but I'm doing better today.

    Went to the doctor this morning who was a lovely lady, hubby came with me (he is solid gold) and she examined me and yes it is a prolapse. Because we move in a month she can't refer me to the physio here but I can set that up at my new place. It shouldn't affect my sex life or having another baby but will need surgery eventually as it won't go away but pelvic floors should help. I'm going to be starting them today!! I think it was due to my traumatic birth with my beautiful 11 month old boy, big head, back to back, getting stuck then episiotomy/blood loss and manual removal of placenta... Blimey and I'm planning another baby!! lol

    If theres anyone out there with this and worrying please go and see your doc, they can assess its severity (mines moderate) and offer help, I'm the worst at having internals but for this its needed xxx
  • aww sorry to hear you were upset last night....hope i didnt mae it worse.....just know it is a sensitive issue and didnt wan you to think you were the only one!!
    glad your doc was helpfl....i will def be going now image xxx
  • Oh CatNKitten, you didn't make it worse, you helped by letting me know I wasn't on my own (((hug)))

    Its worth going hun, I had such a nice doc to, she really helped. I hope you get a nice doc to xxx
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