Part time work whilst on maternity leave

Does anyone know any rules about part time work while on mat leave?
Ive been offered a few hours in the local pub and im desperate for the money but If i did it legitimatley would i stop receiving my maternity pay?
There always the option of not declaring it but i dont know if thats classed as a kind of benifit fraud or not?
Does anyone else have a part time job whilst still receiving the measily ??117 a week?


  • you can work up to 10 shifts, and not have your mat pay deducted, but once you start doing more than the 10, they will start taking what you earned from your mat pay. i'm assuming that this is whether you work a 2 hour shift, or a 10 hr shift!

    the link below also tells, you this, but it does say if agreed between you and your employer - i work for the NHS and did 10 "keeping in touch days", but it was for my unit.

    you could also look on the Government's site for Mat pay / rights etc
  • Macy I think that it affects your stat pay as I wanted to do this and it doesn't seem possible to do this and keep all your mat pay...HOWEVER, I was wanting to do some freelance work from home but through my employer so maybe doing work for another company would be different. I was going to try and do it on a consultancy / self-employed basis to avoid being seen as employment but my OH (who for his sins is a tax advisor) said this would be very unlikely to be accepted by the IRD as legit.

    Not sure the exact case for P/T work through a completely diff employer but from memory, it does affect your entitlement but not sure if it maybe just reduces your mat pay OR if it invalidates it completely.

    Sorry if this is not altogether helpful but I do think it is different if you are on AML rather than OML as the AML is unpaid...I guess ACAS might be the best point of call or else the tax office (not an appealing prospect making that call, granted!)

  • If you are receiving SMP you can work SELF EMPLOYED and still recieve your SMP but NOT if your on SMA and not if you are employed by someone!

    Does that make sense??
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