help please...really need some advice

my daughter is 6 and a half months old and we are currently weaning her. However, i have noticed when she has eaten a couple of things the last 2 days her chin has flared up into little spots and seems very sore and is irritating her. At first i thought it was a teething rash but it disappeared after a few hours. It has returned as soon as she has had the food again. is this an allergy?What can i do to stop her chin being sore and do i need to go to the gp to have allergy tests done?She is my first child and im still learning so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.


  • thanx for the advice.will start a food diary tomorrow. Im imtolerant to milk so im really worried i might have passed this on to her.xox
  • The food diary sounds like a good idea, would also recommend putting vasaline around babies moth before eating and should help prevent the rash. I'm nursery nurse and little boy at work has that problem with melon, but he loves it so his mum allows it with vasaline around his mouth and it seems to work. Also, pyriton will get rid of rash when it does occur. x
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