struggling to get 6 week old to take more than 2ozs a feed

Hi ladies, Josh is 6 weeks and 10lbs now (was 7lb 1.5oz at birth), but pretty much as the title says, he doesn't really seem to want to take much milk. Last few weeks he's been having 3-4oz every 3hrs but this week he just doesn't seem to want more than 1-2oz a session.... I've been keeping an eye on the total in 24hrs and he is managing 20-23oz and the HV said this was ok for now but he has dropped of his percentile for weight gain although still putting it on slowly.
He is having 9-10 feeds a day at the moment to get in what he wants/needs. I feed him on demand but might try to pull the feeds out to every 3 or 4 hours to make sure he is properly hungry but I don;t want to upset him doing this.
He's on TT bottles - I've spent a small fortune on teats, we tried variflow but I think he has a strong suck it came out too fast for his swallow to keep up with, so we've settled on no 2 and when he does want a 3 oz bottle he takes it in 10-15 mins.
I've change formula from Aptamil to Cow and Gate incase he didn't like the Aptamil (smelt horrid) and he seems ok so far, not constipated.
He is a wee bit colicy in the evenings so we are also giving him infacol or dentanox

Am I just asking too much? I know he has a small tummy, I read so many posts where everyone elses 6 week olds down 5-6 ozs and am just worrying why my little boy won't. apart from this he does seem happy and contented.

Thanks for any advice

Suz x


  • My ds is mostly breastfed, but has a bottle feed in the evenings. He was 16 weeks before he would take more than 3oz at a time, and he was 10lb 12oz born1 Some babies just aren't guzzlers - I'd let him take the lead. I'd also stop changing things around! Just leave him on one teat and milk to avoid confusing him and see if he gradually starts drinking more.
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