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urgent help and advice needed please. SICK BABY!

Hey everyone,

Im worried sick and am getting ready to go walk-in-centre to get her checked but wanted some advice please. Since yesterday at 6pm my baby has not kept any food down, she has projectiled vomited everywhere all off her food and milk,. She is almost 10 months old and i have no idea what is wrong with her. Has anyone had to deal with anything like this before?? Please help.


  • Sorry no ideas but walk in centre sounds spot on. Hope everything's ok and let us know how she is. Might just be a virus she's picked up she'll just need fluids if you can get anything into her, am sure they'll give you something.
    Take care hun and you're doing the right thing they'll be able to help straight away. xxx
  • I'd go to the doctors and have her checked xxx
  • I'd take her to the doctors, good luck x
  • Try not to worry, babies can be very dramatic when they have viral infections! As long as she is still having wet and dirty nappies, isn't unusually sleepy and doesn't have a non-blanching rash you don't need to worry too much. Give her clear fluids as she'll tolerate and go to the walk in centre or your GP for a check over and some reassurance. Becky (Doctor)
  • Hi, there is a very nasty bug of sickness sweeping the country at the moment, mine have been passing it to and from one another for the past 2 weeks and its horrible as we cant seem to get rid of it. My lil man is 8 months and has had it for 3 days on and off you think its gone and it reappears!! Like the others have said keep them hydrated keep windows open to clear the smell of sick and the travel of germ.
  • Hi,
    Just wondering how your lo was? Hope all is ok and she's on the mend x
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