Finger foods

When do you give finger foods? Evan is 26 weeks and 6 months next week so just wondering, also what is the best thing to start him on?


  • I started Gabe on finger food last week (27/28 weeks) and he loves them, he has toast, rusk, and the organix carrot things. I'll probably try sandwiches or cracker bread soon. He eats quite a lot of them. The only thing is, at 6 months, most babies don't have the 'pincer' grip - meaning they can grasp things in their hand but not between finger and thumb until about 8 months. So they need things that are easy to grasp in their hand - be prepared for lots of mess too! I would definitely start, especially if he is sitting unaided as this is meant to be a sign of being ready. Gabe isn't sitting but HV said it was fine to start and he has taken to it well x
  • Ellie was on finger food at 4months but i weaned her very early on HV advise. She was eating chicken and bread and everything from 4 months, i bet if you give them a little they will love it, sausages are good too but always cut the ends off as they can be quite rough. x
  • James loves the Organix finger foods and toast as he tends to suck it rather than chew. He hasn't got the hang of fruit yet though. Oh and rice cakes are good as they are suckable too. Hope he enjoys it!
  • hi, how old are all your los?? jayden been on soilids since 16 weeks hes now 25 weeks and he will only eat puree food wont even try lumpy foods hardly, could i still start jayden on finger foods or what?
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