Real Nappies?

Hi girls,

gatecrashing from DIJ sorry....

My hubby was quite into the idea of using real nappies rather than disposable ones but all i could think of was the old terry towling ones, pins and lots of poo! Anyway after being at the baby show today we signed up for an order as after having seeing them i really quite liked the idea of them - they look more comfortable for the baby, dont involve any chemicals and hubby likes that they are more enironmentally friendly - also in the long run they should save some money...

they do give you a wee travel bag thing for when you change the nappy when you are put and about but i can onlyt hink how much this would smell and im tempted to mix with disposables some of the time for ease and convenience (theres obviously a lot of washing but thats normal with a new born anyway so im prepared for that)

so i just wondered if any of you ladies use these and how you find them espec when out and about are they a hassle or as conveninet as they are made out to be?

Any feedback would be much appreciated...


Laura x
(33 weeks!)


  • Hiya,

    We use a two-part system, fitted nappy with wrap over and have done since lo was about a month old. We also use disposable liners which flush down the loo.

    When out and about I flush the liner, put the wet nappy in a nappy sack, tie it up and put it in the wet/dry bag that came with my changing bag. This zips up and that is it, no smell. The bag fits about two reusable nappies, which is usually all I have needed for a half day out.

    Now that he is at nursery I also have two large wet/dry bags which I send with him, one with wet nappies, one with dry. The nursery puts all the wet nappies in nappy bags and then into the 'wet' bag. There is a little smell at the end of the day when we open the bag, but it isn't noticeable when it is closed.

    One piece of advice. I would get some disposable newborn nappies for the first month or so. You will have enough to do without the extra laundry in those first few weeks. Mothercare and Boots both sell eco disposable nappies, as do many online companies that supply reusables, if your husband needs convincing .

    I hope that helps. Best of luck for the last few weeks of your pregnancy.
  • thanks,,,,that sounds similar to the system we would be using...

    i do plan to use disposables for the first few weeks as i will have them in for in the hospital bag anyway...its not that hubby is completely anti disposables its just that he would prefer not to use them at least not all the time and succeeded in convincing me though i have to say not due to the environmental factor but the cost in the long run and the fact i think they will be kinder to babies skin.....


  • we used disposable at the start. we have started using our bum genius now. she was in a bg when i went out today and i was worried but found changing her fine! we do use disposable at nights though, as they keep her more dry. also when we've been looking at nurserys the staff have all said they tend to potty train more quickly as they know they're wet.
  • I agree - they won't smell when you're out and about, you'll be really surprised! Also, I definitely agree with using disposables at the start, Jak just didn't fit into the newborn size Bambino Mios we had, plus it's just a loooooot easier getting to grips with having your teeny one at home with you without having to worry about nappy washing and finding the right folds!
    I think you're right Lauz41 - the cost is just so much less it's a no brainer for us. We always use reusables, we've bought a grand total of 6 packs of disposables in Jak's whole life and most of those were for the first few weeks. Now we just have a pack in the cupboard for dire emergencies! x x x

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  • I use Bum genuis and they are fantastic birth to potty, I use disposables when we go out for the day as its easier but I do go out in them and either put them in a pvc wet nappy bag I bought but also have put them in a nappy back and brought it home. I found when you don't want to get up and change them in the night when they are a bit order than I second using a reusable at night, it keeps them drier.

    Plus when they are on solids the nappys can be washed at 40 usually with my other whites like vest because you just remove the liner inside so there is no poo on them.

  • we use bambino mio and they are really good. We do use disposables when we are out though. This is more for convience - plus they dont take up as much room in the changing bag. There is enough stuff in there as it is!!


    P.S Congrats of being due in Jan!! I had my baby on the 1st of Jan this year. Cant believe how quick my pregnancy went!!
  • thanks for the replies...

    im deffo going to have disposables as these will be in my hopsital bag and for the first few weeks when we get home to get orgnaised and then give the real ones ago (we went with lollipop ones? these were our prefered choice after seeing some of the companies at the baby show so hope it wasnt a bad choice?) i will maybe use them when out and about but use disposables if out for long periods or away overnight anywhere etc and i thought when baby is older maybe disposbales would be better for overnight...

    hubby is keen from the environmental point of view (as well as cost lol) so as long as i use the reusbales ones most of the time he will be happy - also they looked much softer and more comfortable than disposables and if i was a baby i think i would prefer them on my bum lol...if it doesnt work out it doesnt work out but im deffo giving it a good (was previously thinking no way' until i saw them yesterday) and think they do look quite easy to use but will just be a bit more work with washing - but then i expect to do a lot more washing with a new born anyway but glad to see there are positive stories with using reusable nappies even when out and about....both my sil and aunt think we are mad! i think they are thinking on the old style toweling ones with safety pins though like i had in my head lol...

    hopefully it will work out ok...


    P.s Im Joanna im due in june not jan - hence the buying the nappies now pregnancy has also gone v.quickly though...
  • we've been using reusables for nearly a year now (since my lo was a about a month) and there fab, we use them full time, she's not been in a disposable since we switched and in all that time we've had about 3 leaks and two of them were due to a very bad tummy i couldn't recomend them enough, my mum and mil love them we have some very pretty ones
    this is her birthday nappy

    i can remember the day we switched i was really nervous and thought why have i decided to do this, as everyone thought i was mad but am so glad we did now

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  • I just Googled Lollipop nappies as I hadn't heard of them before. They look lovely and soft, I agree! Very similar in style to the system we use (Mamabless), although ours are bamboo so a slightly different texture.

    Are you getting the wraps with Velcro or poppers to fasten? We tried both to begin with and the Velcro ones leaked a lot more than the ones with poppers. We now use Motherease Airflow wraps and I cannot praise them enough. They are brilliant!

    We still use reusables at night (Peter is now nearly 14 months) with only the occasional leak now that he is sleeping through (less liquid intake means less liquid outflow, if you see what I mean image). We do use disposables if we are away overnight as trying to deal with that many wet nappies without being able to do a regular load of laundry just isn't practical.

    We are planning on keeping Peter in reusables until we potty train him. They suit him (the only problem we had with nappy rash was when he had thrush, so nothing to do with the nappies) and, as has been said, they are supposed to make potty training easier because the child can feel that they are wet.
  • Lauz, were you at the scottish baby show? we're thinking of getting real nappies and one of the ladies who works for lollipop is coming to see us this week so I didn't stop there for long but saw they had special offers on. Were they just for the show or online do you know?
  • Hey there GIL! Love Pippa's nappy! (tis freyasmummy from CNT!)

    We use cloth, we used it on DD and have started on DS, we love it. We take cloth out and about, you might need a fractionally bigger changebag but that's about it. We use an hiking-style drybag for wet nappies, the top rolls over and fastens with a clasp and we find it utterly smell free.

    I've never found them a hassle - my stock answer to anyone who claims that washing them is too much like hard work is to ask if they wash their teatowels. If you can wash a teatowel, you can wash a nappy. It's just flinging them in a machine, it's not like you have to trek to the stream and beat them clean against a rock!
  • I love Pippa's birthday nappy!

    We will be using bumgenius again for this baby. Lily wears disposables at night as she is such a heavy wetter (and very wriggley). But I love my bumgenius!

  • thank you it's a weenotions and the fronts patchwork in the same colour as the owl, it's the one we'll be keeping when she potty trains, not that that'll be any time soon lol.
    there no hassle really i put them together while i watch tv, and there all ready to go, pippa's nursery use her nappies and they use her reusable wipes as well, and if your doing one you may as well do the other, can't wait for summer so she can show them off
  • We use the lollipop pop n gro and love them. funky colours and soo easy to use. She is still in a disposable at night because of being sucha heavy wetter, i tried every combo to get her through the night and none worked, but i hope that improves when she is on more solids.
    I agree with them being so easy to use and just laugh at people who claim that it is too much hassle. How when you are constantly washing baby clothes anyway?

  • thanks for the replies girls....

    im glad there is positive feedback on real nappies and the more i read up on them the better i am feeling about using them...we have nothing to lose by giving them a go and they look and feel so much nicer than disposables.....

    Im glad others have used lollipop too...they happened to be our facvourite at the show and ours are the velcro one as i prefered these to the popper ones given the fact i find baby grows a nightmare and do them up wrong lol - ours are also bamboo which was our preference as well as having them in 2 different sizes rather than a birth to potty one....

    everyone i have told had said we are mad (would have been my reaction until i actually saw them and saw how easy they look and i expect to do loads of washing with a new born anyway) we paid ??800 for a white leather pram and people took great delight in telling us we were mad to do that too but its our baby! ?Hubby is really keen and i am now quite excited at the idea having read more on them given how soft and comfy they look and im sure when we get used to them they will be practical and i can always use disposables some of the time for ease etc - at the end of the day if it doesnt work out at least we are prepared to give it a go!

    Thats a cool nappy pic - i didnt know you could get ones like that!

    Laura x

    P.s Yes Chubs it was the scottish baby show and we were told we had to order then and that prices wouldnt be honoured online or anything (they might do you a deal if they come to your house) we paid ??250 for 40 nappies 20 in first size and 20 in second size (which they said are from about 17lbs roughly until potty stage) and as i said they are velcro and the bamboo ones which were more expensive - we got the waterproof covers (i think 5 in each size but cant remember off of the top of my head) and a roll of the disposable insert thing that goes inside the nappy....we also paid ??35 for a deluxe kit which was on offer and is the bucket and wash bag to strore dirty bnappies in (saves us buying a bin lol) a travel nappy bag for out and about, some wipes (again reusable) for babies bums - i wanted to avoid baby wipes as much as possible anyway, a spray for if they stink, some detergent although they can be washed as normal (specific to the manufacturers instructions) and something else...

    so if they work out then a good investement and if not then its worth it for a go i think,......
  • we are loving our real nappies. i hae just got them in the wash now to dry tomorrow ready for thurs, but have enough upstairs to manage tomorrow.

    girlinleeds (i used to live in leeds) esme has had her weenotions on today! it is also pink but has her name embroidered on the back!
  • well my nappies arrived today (they said 2-4 weeks and just under 4 but apparantly delay was due to a backlog with so many people buying them) they look soooo soft and comfy and come in a nice basket to keep them all in....

    also got the bucket to put dirty ones in a bag for out and about and some washable clothes for wiping babies bum (my plan was to use cotton wool at the start and then cloths anyway and avoid baby wipes) so quite looking forward to seeing baby in them now lol...

    i plan to use disposables some of the time e.g in hopsital, if we are out on a long day trip, away overnight or if baby leaks overnight or has runny poos if unwell but most of the time will be using my reusables and clothes and will try it when out and about and see how it goes....i'll use the comfort pure wipes the times when im out and using disposables but keen to avoid as much as poss....

  • cotton wool is pointless. we use cheeky wipes and they are a lot better
  • awww she is sooo cute!!!! would like to get some pretty nappies that look like that in the future..

    the set i have size one is meant to be from 6lbs and size 2 from about 12lbs i think so hopefully they will fit if not will move from disposables as soon as poss...

    as for cotton wool i always use it when cleaning babies bums in hopsital and think its much kinder but will be using my new resuable wash clothes most of the time anyway...

  • I've developed a bit of an addiction too. We kept all of dd1's Bambino Mio one but I've still gone and bought loads more. Sugarpuff where did you get Audrey's new one from? Its looks so cute - as does Audrey too of course.
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