Rant time!

Need to have a rant before i go crazy.
2009 has been a washout so far. First i got sick then my lo got a cold which lasted 3 weeks, not she's teething and to top it all i took her to her swimming lesson (first time in a month due to illnesses) and the pool and changing rooms were so cold she's caught another cold again straight away. Put her to bed tonight and she's already woken up as she can't breathe well.
She's only 3.5 months and i feel so helpless, not to mention exhausted as i haven't had more than 4 hours sleep together in a month. She was doing so well over Christmas sleeping 8 hours a night and now.... all gone to pot.
I just know now that i've got another 3 weeks of hellish nights. She's such a happy baby - I am so angry at myself for taking her today and at the venue for the temperature. I've just written a letter saying why i won't be going anymore. Waste of ??100 that was.
Anyway, off to bed to little to her poor snuffles.


  • Don't be angry at yourself hun, you weren't to know this would happen. Sorry your poor LO is unwell again, teething certainly doesnt help! With Riley, we find giving him calpol and using nasosol nose drops helps him sleep with a cold, and elevating his head. He's never slept more than 4 hours either though, lol. xxx
  • Oh bless you hon, hope you feel a bit better for just getting it off your chest.
    That must be awful to have had her sleeping through for a while and now being back to broken nights. Joseph is four months and still hasn't slept through, he is on his second cold in as many months and he isn't feeding or sleeping well cos of it, he's woken 3 times so far tonight already so you have my sympathy!!
    Try to not think too far ahead and just go day by day and don't think about the sleep you aren't getting!
    Hope you manage to get some sleeps during her naps in the day?
    It'll get better again soon and in the meantime rest assured there are many of us going through the same thing
    Hugs xx
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