Should I be feeling quilty?

My lo is 6months old and enjoys spending time on her tummy. I can lie her on her blanket which is spread across the floor with her toys on. She can amuse herself with the toys and enjoys rolling over and lying on her back holding her toes. Recently she has been attempting to crawl. Im currently sat on here watching her. I do sometimes lie on the floor and play with her. Or hold her hands whilst she attempts to walk, and practice sitting with her. I also put her in her door bouncer which is loves.

I was just wondering if I should be feeling guilty, the fact Im sat on the computer watching her and not lying on the floor with her?

What do you do whilst your los are playing on the floor? all thoughts welcome xxx


  • I don't think that you should be feeling guilty at all! If my lo (4 month) is happily playing on the floor then i'll get some housework done or sit on my laptop. She lets me know when she does want my attention!

    I personally think that it is important for babies to learn to play on their own as well as being played with or entertained by someone.
  • No don't feel guilty. If LO is happy playing alone then leave them to it, as long as you can see what they're up to then I believe it's good to give them time out for themselves. It allows them to explore their limited surroundings and amuse themselves. It won't be long before she's off and running so make the most of being able to put her in one spot and her staying there!
  • Thanks for the replies image

    Shes happy playing by herself....just had the the thought...'i hope she doesn't think ive abandoned her by sitting on the comp!'

    lisajoy...unfortunately the nearest i get to doing housework without hubby around is loading/unloading the dishwasher when shes sat in highchair! our washing machine is in the outhouse which means going out the back door!

    Thanks leapea, thats exactly what I do. xxx
  • Lol, thats all I get done really, and a little bit of tidying up in the living room when I can. My washing pile isn't too's the ironing pile thats the problem! Lol

    my dh has just moved our tumble dryer into the conservatory for the winter (from the garage) as it was a pain as I would have to go to the end of the garden.
  • dont feel guilty at all, cherish the time you get whilst lo isnt running around... i spend half my time on the comp with Ol sat on my knee and wanting to type with me, or he's bashing his toddle truck into everything and crying because he wants me to turn it round for him :lol: I keep telling hubby i dont get chance to do much coz he wants attention a lot

  • I'm so jealous. Nathan just will not occupy himself at the moment. He wants to be up and "walking" (only 6mths so not actually walking just suported steps!) which means I have to constantly hold him up.
    Dont feel guilty, as soon as he plays alone again I'll be leaving him be for as long as possible.
  • No way...enjoy it! I always feel like HVs, other mums etc put pressure on to play with your lo all the time. I do play with Gabe a lot but constantly shaking toys and singing rhymes sounds like my worst nightmare...yet its what we feel pressured to do so that our LOs grow up smart! xx
  • Don't feel guilty. It's a good thing to let them playon their own and they will let you know if they want them. I play with Emilia now and again throughout the day but most of the time she is doing her own little thing - i think that is just as important for their development.

    My LO is extremely hectic and my nan is always commenting about how in the old days they would have either been sat in the pram or highchair for most of the day.
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