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Hi everyone,

Ruby has become a nightmare to take shopping so i've started to shop online. However haven't been particularly pleased and wondered how you've found it?

My first shop was with Asda and the packaged fruit, like a pack of pears were due to expire the following day. Ruby would never eat 10 pears in one day! Lol!
And had similar problems with other fresh bits.

Just had Sainsburys deliver my shopping today and the fresh salmon expires on Friday. I ordered 4 fillets to make a fish pie and have some left for some yummy salmon dinners for me but wasn't planning on doing this today or tomorrow.
I've also ordered a few bits that were reduced but they weren't available so they have given me full price items instead and charged me the difference.

What companies have you used and are they any good?

I've hear very good things about Ocado as they come from a central warehouse but have never tried them.

Thank you,
Amy xx


  • I really like Ocado but I no longer live within their delivery range so have had to stop using them - fantastic service, great products and no near due date items. I have been using Sainsbury's since we moved and have had no problems - give them a ring about the salmon and they will refund you. Also the delivery driver should tell you about substitutions so that you can refuse them at the door if you wish.
  • We use Tesco online and have found them really good, they always deliver on time and hardly ever have substitutions, but they always point them out first thing and take them away if we don't want them. They also send us a lot of money off vouchers and coupon codes via e-mail to use, so delivery usually works out free. I'd definitly be reluctant to go back to doing the shopping myself now, they've been fab x
  • Hi i too have used asda (didn't like) and tescos (fine although website crashes loads) sainsburys (liked but find a bit too dear) and was thinking about ocado too. Is sooo much easier though isn't it? I don't understand why more people don't!!
  • I'm exactly the same as you!
    Kade drives me nuts around the supermarket so I decided to try online. I only lasted a 4 or 5 times as was constantly dissapointed every week.
    Firstly like you most things were too near their expiry (think they purposely get rid of this stuff to online customers!) and secondly I bought a few bogof offers and they did the same as you as in giving me TWO full priced alternatives! Arggh!
    They also substitute things for their own brand which seems a bit naughty to me as I bet it wasn't really out of stock!!
    So far I have only used Sainsburys & Tesco's. It's not worth the hassle to me! Think I'd rather put up with Kade yelling his lungs out lol.

    Might try Ocado now though :\)

  • That's interesting that others have had similar problems with Asda.

    I've just been on the Ocado site and seen they have delivery from 99p! Excellent!

    I was put off by online shopping initially but think it will work really well when I find a shop i'm happy with. I'll be able to order all the major things to arrive on first day of the month and the fresh top up bits on 15th all in one evening whilst watching tele! Perfect!

    I'll grab anything if it makes my life a little bit easier! Lol! xxx
  • all i can say on this topic is....Make sure you check all this there before they leave.

    We once had a delivery off Asda and by the time we'd got all the bags from the front door into the kitchen he'd drove off and there were missing items! They did get an email that night though and everything was sent the following day.

    Lisa xxx
  • we did this last week as dh has a really bad back at the mo anc cant carry bags etc. we used tesco and found it to be ace! i thought the delivery charge was expensive (??5.00 for 9am-11am) but everything arrived and it was amazing as i was putting it away thinking gosh isnt this easy, shoppng done and havent left the house!
  • I always use asda. I dont tend to order fruit and veg from them though as i prefer to see it. I do like that asda refund missing/damaged stuff straight away. If you accept substitutes they only charge you the price of you original item not the price of the substitute (if its more).

    I order freezer and cupboard stuff from asda then nip once a week for fresh stuff. This works well for me as its much quicker nipping in for bread, milk, fruit and veg or i just send hubby!
  • Hi

    We get an organic box from and I add extra fruit and veg to that. They have been fab.

    i use tesco and ocado. Ocado are fab because of the long use by dates. You get a list of your shopping by use by date too which is really useful when you are trying to decide what to cook first.

    Tesco are good too. Both tesco and ocado bring the shopping in even though our kitchen is upstairs. I have always had any missing items refunded without question

    Our drivers from sainsburys are always grumpy.
  • We have used ASDA in the past and never ad a problem. Never had a problem with items near use by date, very few substitutions (and ASDA dont charge the difference if item costs more), and the delivery driver is always plesant and helpfull. They would happily carry stuff to my kitchen but I dont let them through my front door (because the place is usually a tip LOL). Only issue I have is that the clothes arnt there for me to spend a fourtune on, and some items we can get from the supermarket arnt available online.

    Luckily Zacky loves the supermarket and is never any trouble.
  • Hi Ladies

    I used to work as a delivery driver and order picker, we were told never to pick the short dated items and to pick substitutes to a similar price to original item. I personally always choose the shopping like I would choose it for myself and family and I know all the other ladies on my shift did the same. We had to point out any subs at the door for customers to refuse there and then and anything missing was refunded by the store asap.

  • I have used both sainsburys and tescos. Once sainsburys charged us for 22 dishwasher tablets whn we ordered 2 and wondered why the bill was so dear! They refunded us immediately. I use tescos as they ahve better offers. We ahve ours delivered after 9pm at night and without bags. SO hubby and I are both around to unpack. Plus its only about ??3.50. They more often than not ring us up to ask if they can deliver before 9pm. Less traffic and most probably less demand for that time of day.

    Asda is the only supoermarket which will give you a subsitute item and not make you pay the difference. I personally dont order fresh fruit/veg online.
    I did look at orcado, who sell waitrose food. Although they do price match with Tescos, I like the cheaper tesco prices for own makes which ocado don't do.

    Like someone else mentioned. The subsitutes they tell you at the beginning and you can give them back. Also if you ahve dented tins you can give them back to the driver. I have done this and they were fine with it. Dont feel that you have to accept everything you get delivered.

    I find I can order items with hubby late in evening and its delivered late in eve when lo in bed. Plus it means I can still go out and do what Iw ant in the day. I never look on offerers and write a list on express shopper and get what I need. That way I am not tempted to over spend. Go into the shop myself and Im naughty and by treats etc that we dont need!
    Also, you can compare the price per weight online which you cant do really do in store. Definately helps keep the cost down. Ia slo get vouchers and coupon codes too. If you type in tesco discount codes online. You can sometimes find codes for free delivery or money off which also helps.
  • i use tesco, sainsbuys and asda, had probs with asda as a few times i have been charged full price for stuff on offer and its not easy to get a refund though substitute wise they r great,
    sainsburys r great, got the baby offer on at the moment so nappies/wipes/bath stuff is half price! and have emailed me evouchers if i have complained about short dated stuff.also got free choc bar other wk image
    tesco is my fave, great offers cheap delivery and never had any probs.
    it definatly saves taking a double pram with a screaming 2yr old round the supermarket! lol
    using offers in sainsbury and tesco this wk i have a 2month shop for around 150quid! inc nappies & wipes.
  • Morning,
    Well I'm ment to be doing our online shopping now but got distracted!!
    I've only used Sainsbury's and I find them really good on the whole. I never have subsitutes as I end up with random things which are then a waste of money but the delivery people always take them away if we don't want them and we get a refund.
    I do think the delivery charge is a lot and sometimes you don't find out till you've unpacked that the dates aren't as long as you expect! But then I do like a food planner but I wait till the food arrives, look at the dates then work out what we're eating when if that makes sense.
    Never have the time to set up with Tesco or ASDA as its taken me while to get my head round where things. A mate did use Tesco and after many many problems they arrived an hour late and instead of dog food they'd given her a rolling pin she now uses ASDA!! Scarey but true!
    Glad other people like on-line shopping too. We find it easier and I think I spend less (oh's not so sure mind!) Now I've shopping to do ladies-might just pop over to Facebook and Twitter while I'm on!!x
  • i use tescos and they have always been really good xx
  • iv always used asda if they dont have the brand you want they will give you another and if it costs more will only charge you for the price of the one you ordered, also if you call them about the fresh food problem the will normally refund your money and tell you to keep the food, this is what they do where i live. i have always had a good experience with them they even call if they are going to be early or late
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