We would like to get our lo christened and want to start planning it after christmas. However we have never organised a christening before and are not sure what needs doing. Is it just as simple as book church, book function room, book buffet, buy robe and buy cake? Could people let me know what they did for their los and if they wouldnt mind rough costs for things? I have no idea how much its gonna cost us.


  • Evie gets christened on the 25th jan, the first thing i had to do was ring the vicar and then they decided on a date we then have a meeting with him after christmas xxx
  • sorry....gatecrashing with a related question.....we've not started to organise Louise's yet.

    We've moved since getting married so are not going to use the same church but would like to get her christened in the church we were both christened in. Is it the same as getting married - you have be be on the church electrol roll?

  • Evies getting christened in the church where we got married but we no longer live in the area what you have to do is ring the church you want ask their permission then they give you a form to take to the church where you live and you have to get their permission xxxx
  • thanks - the church we got married in is our 2nd choice - dh's parents are happy to hold the 'party' bit afterwards in thier house and they live walking distance from the church we want.
  • when we had Ollies thanksgiving we just booked the church, and the hall for afterwards giving them a number count for the buffet, and got a cake and some balloons.
    We didnt do anymore as we didnt think a dj would make much difference, didnt have room for a bouncy castle (and Ollie doesnt like them anyway) and had about 200 people coming (ended up being about 150 or something i think) so had to invite them all and get rsvps etc... and didnt have any room left in thehall once they were all in :lol:

    It was a lovely day, and everyone enjoyed talking and catching up with each other. the kids ran round the tables or sat down to eat food, which was a fantastic spread, and they all said they'd had a good time.

  • We had a catholic baptism for Poppy and will do the same for Fraser, you can have a little get to gether or as big as you want really. it cost us around ??500 ??25 for church, ??60 for function room ??200 on the food, the rest went on clothes, i had lovely invites made off ebay. Highly recommend a company called inyourmemory on ebay. Poppy was 10 months old. This time we are going out even bigger as we are not planning on doing our own catering we are also hiring a ballon artist for the kids as alot of friends and family have toddlers.
  • We had a really small christening for our lo, think it was bout 15/20 ppl, jst close friends and family. We gave a ??20 donation to the priest, altho we were never actually told we had to do this. The robe was a family robe so didn't cost nethin, then afterwards we all went back to my mum's and she paid for the food and we bought the drink, so we managed to keep costs down which was good, cos we're skint! but it was still a lovely day!
    We had to go to baptism preparation classes b4 we cud book so prob best to check with the church u want to have it at whether u have to do nethin similar.
  • When we had Erin Baptised last year we went way over the top. It cost around ??600. We gave a donation to the church, and the rest went on function room, catering, dj, outfits for me and oh and Erin's gown, shawl and shoes. It was a lovely day, but to be honest we didnt get to spend much time together and at times it felt like pass the baby!
    We had Joe baptised three weeks ago on sunday, and had a very different day. We decidied to keep things very small about 20 people. We went to our parish church and then had everyone back to our house, i did the buffet and we all had a lovely day. Erin was very much involved too so that was nice. On the night we invited all our friends round and had a little party and got a bit tipsy! LOL!
    Both were lovely days, It can be as simple or lavish as you wish...
    Godd luck planning you lo's special days. x
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