calling all babywearers.....

i'm hopeing there are some of you on here. i have a question.. i love my babyhawk and kozy lots and i'm still able to wear my 16 month old in it but i want to be able to do more back carries with her cause shes tall. i can do a back carry with my mei tais but only if i have a chair/sofa behind me to do the method where i place the sling down first then my LO on it and tie it on my waist then pull her up. i'd love to be able to 'shuffle' her round but cant cause i have limited movement with my arms.

soo can you reccomend any other type of slings/wraps that may be easier to do a carry with? i've been thinking about the ergo or the OHsnap. or any other types of methods to do a back carry?

thanks in advance


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