OMG she just choked

I've always been paranoid about choking and tonight Summer had finger food for the second time (just turned 7 months).

She started choking and I really didn't know what to do, just grabbed her out of the high chair and slapped her on the back, was just about to run out of the house to get help when she threw it all up and slowly started breathing again. That has made me even worse and scared the life out of me. I'm never givng her finger food again!!!!!!!!!!! Still shaking now.


  • Aww hun! you must be really shaken up! It does tend to happen when introducing finger food. Maybe she is still a little young for it yet. You could take a 1st aid course so you'll know what to do should it happen again. If you have a Sure Start/Children's centre nearby, I know they do it for free. You did the right thing, just bend her over your knee and sharp, furm pats on the back squeeze the air out of the lungs and force out the obstruction.

    Try again in a few weeks when you think she's really ready and start with disolvable foods. xox
  • sorry spelt 'firm' wrong, not a word I use very often lol xox
  • Aww hun Grace did the exact same today with some rusk and i nearly ripped her arms out getting her out of her jumperoo and then hit her on the back until she coughed it up. I was freaking that bad i rang oh to come home because i was that shuck up. She's fine now though and had another piece and been fine. Its just that first initial shock.

    Hope she's ok next

    Lisa xxx
  • It is scary when it happens. Kelsie did it on a piece of apple when she was 12 months old. Such a horrible feeling though. Glad she's ok.

  • Oh no poor Summer. I'm glad she was ok in the end though - Gabe eats mostly finger foods but it is scary when they choke! luckily we've never had an incident as bad as that though. (hugs)) Do start again in a few weeks. Try things like those organix puffs, they're really easily dissolved.

    Zoey - URRRGHH! Lol.

  • Thanks girls, I've calmed down now lol, took the girls up for a bath and they are both fast asleep now. It is just so scary when it happens! Maybe I will try again in a few weeks, or months or when shes 18 lol. It was an organix rusk thing but the texture is more like a hard cake thing if you know what I mean? I will give those puffs a go next time.

    Lol Zoey, did you tell him after?xx
  • Neve choked on one of those Organix rusks in Sainsburys when she was about the same age - I had to whip her out of the pram put her over my knee and whack her on the back until she threw up! Unbelievably this woman was still trying to squeeze past me while it was happening!!!

    She was fine and it is a learning curve for them but it used to keep me awake at night worrying that she would choke the next time I gave her finger foods!
  • Charlotte has never choked like this but when I started giving her finger food my hv got a paediatric nurse to come & see me. She gave me basic 1st aid training on a dummy which i found very good. Maybe ask your hv if she could do the same? I have to watch my lo now as she tends to shove a lot in her mouth in one go! She's 13 months and used to it all but one day she'll just put too much in! Hope your lo (& you) ok now xx

    Zoey - Bleurghhhh!
  • i am def goin to do a course i did one 8 years ago and got a certificate but that was so long ago and cant remember anything lol. its my worst nightmare her choking although she did choke a bit on a piece of bread in a posh restaurant and threw the bread and all her milk up! i hope no one saw!
  • Try the farleys rusks. Gabe's always had them and they dissolve soooo quickly. I eat them too dipped in milk and one dip just practically mushes them to death! He's never choked on them or even gagged. He choked on banana this weekend and it was scary but luckily just one big gag and it come back up...he's also choked on bread quite a lot...I try to trust his instincts and luckily he's very good - if he bites off too much then he just stores it in his cheeks like a hamster and chews it REALLY slowly, its hilarious xxx
  • sorry to hear that you had to witness this.

    When I start my daughter on a new fingr food I always make sure my husband is present. Im afraid of her choking. I startd on the orgnaix puffs then slowly moved on. I found what made me more comfortabkle givin her finger foods, was by putting the piece of food in my mouth and seeing how easy it is to be swalloed buy sucking and a little chewing.

    Zoey...eeewwww to your mums actions!

    My hv is meant to be organising an evening for the mums in the area to come along and practise resuscittion (?sp) and choking on dummies. I want to do the choking one, as I think it would make me feel more confident in real life situation.

    Maybe speak to your hv and see fi tehy could arrange something. xxx
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