Calling all Married Ladies! Or not married!

I need your help!

I am maid of honour at my sisters wedding next week and am sorting out her something, old, new, borrowed and blue for her! Got the sixpence for her shoe sorted but wanted to know if anyone could help me with ideas for the rest!! I dont really want the usual blue on the garter and old jewellery. No offence to those that did, thats what I had!!

Can anyone help by telling me what you had at your wedding! Or if your not married but know of a great idea, all suggestions appreciated!

Thank you!



  • I had a tiny blue flower stitched inside my dress but know of others who have had one hidden in their boquet OR use the ribbon on the boquet to pin on an old brooch.

    ummmm not great ideas sorry!
  • When m,y Nan died when I was 22 my mum gave me nans engagement ring that I have worn since then, so when I got married it has blue in it and it was old
  • For blue I had two little blue ribbons on my underwear, for old and borrowed I had my nans broach pinned to the underneath of my dress and new was my dress. Again not much help, but I'd actually forgotten what I did do x
  • my veil was borrowed off my friend, i had a blue gater, hubby bought me a necklace that i opened on the day so that was new and i had some peal earings that i wore as a bridemaid many moons ago!

    how about

    blue knickers :lol: or toenails?

    a borrowed hairpin?

  • Thanks ladies, you've given me some to think about!! Any others appreciated too though!!
    Like the tiny blue flower stitched inside the dress. Better have my granny nearby on the day cos if i stitch anything in it'll have fallen out by the end of the ceremony!!
  • cant remember my something old!, my something new was my undies, something borrowed was jewllery, something blue was my dress!
    sorry im no good with ideas :lol:
  • I'm not sure that my blue will be much help as it was my engagement ring, which is a sapphire. New is traditionally the wedding dress. I borrowed a pair of my grandmother's earrings from my mother (very emotional as my grandmother died two weeks after the wedding) and my old was my shoes which I also wore to my high school graduation.

    Hope that helps.
  • I wanted the wedding date stitched in blue in the insides of my dress but never had it cos i had a blue garter given me xx
  • G/C but I had old and borrowed a friends veil, new, practically everything but my sister had some jewellery hand made for me just some beads but they were really delecate and beautiful, blue - I had nothing and didn't have a garter but I had to stitch some pin loops on my tiara so I did it in blue cotton!

    My sister - old and borrowed jewellery from my aunt, new again practically everything blue, the garter was white so she had a blue button stitched on it she also painted one toe nail blue much to my mums horror! Incedentially at the reception she pulled up her dress and the groom and best man dropped their trousers and they all had the same undies on! Very funny and they had blue on too! xx
  • Old was a ring of mine, new was my dress, I borrowed a handkerchief, and I painted my toenails blue!

    I sell "something blue for your shoe", it's diamantes that say "I do", and they stick to the soles of your shoes on my website.

    I also like the idea of stitching blue into the hem of your dress.
  • haha, socks, i love the idea of your sister and the groomsmen showing their pants!! Thats great.

    Now be honest laides, i've been googling as well as looking at your ideas and I wonder: Would it be taky to get a blue belly button bar? She has he belly button peirced so i thought if i could find a pretty one that might be a bit different!!

    Also was thinking about asking mum to take a bit from her wedding dress or perhaps my sisters christening dress for the old?

    What do you think!? Still lving hearing everyones ideas!

  • I meant tacky not taky!!

  • Cate, would you mind telling me your website?! That sounds lovely! Know your not meant to advertise on here so if you dont want to post it maybe you could email me it?!

  • love the belly bar idea! why didnt i think of that!
  • For my 'something blue' I wore a pale blue eyeshadow. My something new was a pearl necklace my parents bought me, my something borrowed was a diamond bracelet from my mum, I cannot remember what my somethind old was!!
  • ooh I love the belly bar idea - def not tacky. I also love the blue nail varnish - I was very traditional on my wedding day, but wish I had been a bit more out there...

    I had the garter (which I must still have as a keepsake somewhere, but god knows where!), new was the dress, old was my grandmother's beautiful pearl necklace (v special), and borrowed was earrings from my sister.

    Have fun choosing!

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