following on from ear piercing.....

... do you put any jewllery on ur children? My eldest - J, wears a ring - a special gift as hes our eldest 'baby'. Isaac dosnt wear any as he would break it in 2 seconds flat. Tyler has an ID bracelet - a birth gift from his aunt that I got his name inscribed on, its a nice one, pretty plain (not too girly) They certainly dont look like chavs. Do you/would you put jewellery on your children?

Elaine&Boys xx


  • Amy is 3 now & she has a few nice coloured wooden bead necklaces & bracelets that she likes wearing from time to time.
  • I definately wont be letting Zara wear anything til shes Amys age for the simple reason that I would be too worried about her putting it into her mouth & choking on it.
  • Charlotte doesn't have any jewellrey - mainly cos of choking hazards. Whenever we get her christened I would get her a christening bracelet but not to wear day to day tho.
  • My mum bought Lily a nice silver baby bangle - but she's never worn it. It was too big for her to begin with, so by the time it fit her, she was older and so just pulled it straight off. So no she doesn't wear jewellery, though if she'd keep it on I would let her wear the bangle for special occasions.
  • Nope to earings or jewellery for me, I'm a bit of a plain Jane! Ive seen quite a few baby boys wearing solid bangles but I dont' particularly like it. My girls had christening bangles which they were only allowed to wear if they were going somewhere special.

    For me, there's plenty of time when they're older for the bling! (and believe me, my 18 year old is making up for lost time now!)
  • Millie has a little silver bangle which she has worn once or twice on special occasions reccently. She also has a wide selection of plastic tat jewellery that she loves to walk around the house in :lol: That's it for me though, I'm not a big fan of jewellery on little people tbh.
  • My oldest son was bought a silver bangle when he was born, he wore it once and scratched his face so badly with it that i threw it away! So for that reason, none of mine will wear jewellery until they are old enough to ask for something they really want.
  • Amelia got a pandora bracelet with an angel bead on it from her Godfather. I will build up the beads over Xmas's and birthdays/ She has and will never wear it till she old enough to look after it as the beads are 25 quid alone. They are such a lovely keepsake though.
    Dont like to see jewellery, earings, or anything 'too old' on a baby. Babies are babies for such a short time so enjoy them as that. I have a 17 year old girl and my advice is cherish the time you have with them as babes as soon enough they will be want want want..


    d xxxx
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