names for one and other?

Hiya mummys and babies!

From getting together my oh has always called me his "Darling Angel" and my name for him has always been babyboy. He also got me Shaggys Angel song and said it was my song from him because it says Darling Angel in it.

He has another funny one for me that started off as Monkey business. lol. Then monkey, and now its gone down to B! lol We obviously have our other names like..."w**ker, s**thead, and plenty more as i'm sure all of you do. lol

What is yours and hubbys names for eachother? Just a bit of fun here because i'm bored. lol

Lisa xxx


  • aww Tuck does that with me. We'll be in a loved up mood messing around and he'll just call me Mrs Tuckwood and i turn into a giddy little school girl because i can't wait until i am in fact Mrs L Tuckwood.

    As for the ass bit, i have duck ass lol (not wide, just sticks out a bit lol) and he will chase me upstairs saying he's gonna bite my peachy cheeks! lol.

    Men! its always got to be sexual will them! can't be my arm he bites can it? lol

    Lisa xxx
  • awww ilovemygeek congratulations! hope you have a great day! Look forward to your pics on facebook. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • call my oh hubby. he calls me sexy :needs his eyes testing!!! or he will call me wifey.
  • my ex oh used to call me chicken pie oh his little juniper berry, wierdo lol... maybe thats why hes an ex, just jesting hes david and number 2's daddy
  • Mines quite embarassing. We call each other boofs or boofwaz as it evolved over the 7 years! It did start off as 'my beautiful' which became 'my boofuls', then 'boofwaz', now its mainly just 'boofs'! lol! We even call each other it in public sometimes! x
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