Goodnight milk

Aaaaargh I don't beleive this happpened to me!

I decided to try cow and gate goodnight milk and bought it today. Opened it up only to find a leaflet saying 'were removing gnm from our range'!

'from August 2010 we will be removing gnm from our range, so it will no longer be available to buy. While some mums found gnm helpful in settling their baby, many told us that establishing a consistent and predictable bedtime routine was more effective. So we have decided to discontinue our gnm and focus instead on providing mums with practical support and advice on how best to settle their babies at bedtime'

1. I think it's EXTREMELY unfair this was not on the box as now I can't return it open - I mean I was about to start using gnm as part of my bedtime routine so now if it works I'm buggered!

2. I think the wording makes those who use the milk effectively seem like they aren't trying hard enough to settle their baby...imagine if you were at your wits end and bought gnm as a last hope only to open it up and get a note telling you you don't know how to settle your own child without the need for something else!!

Way to go cow and gate!!
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