Eczema sufferers - recommendation

Hi ladies

My baby was diagnosed with eczema a little while ago, she wasn't terrible but she oculdn't sleep with it (as the itching was so bad) and her skin looked really terrible and was bleeding at times. We had all sorts of things from the doctors, streroid creams, diprobase, aqueaous cream and the like but a friend recommended Aveeno to me, I bought some from Boots and now I don't use any of the prescribed stuff and her eczema has completly disappeared. We use the oil for washing and the cream for moisturising.

Sorry if this sounds like an ad but I know how horrible it can be watching your baby suffer the itching and soreness from eczema and you feel powerless to help. Thought I'd let you know that this might work for you too. I didn't stop using the medicated stuff right away as I was scared the Aveeno wouldn't work but I gradually reduced it over a week.

Take care, hope this helps you

Rebecca xx


  • Thanks Rebecca. Lo doesn't suffer from it (thank goodness) but I do... badly. Will def try this xx
  • Hey....
    Aveeno cream is fab!
    If you go to your dr and say this is what works it is available on prescription!! Worth a try to save you buying it all the time!
  • thanks i am going to try this my little boy is now 14 months and has suffered badly since a few weeks old. His skin is quite often bleeding and i find it so upsetting. I will give this a go and see how he gets on with it. ... thanks.x
  • Yeah great LO suffered from dry skin on his face and Aveeno cleared it up quickly. I'm an eczema sufferer and have used all the liquid paraffin based creams, oils, steroids you name it and think they have made my skin worse over the years! Coincidentally I've got a doctor's appt tomorrow so gonna get a big order of it myself (as have nearly used all my LO's up)!
  • Wow, I might have to give that one a go for my skin! Only thing that's ever worked is Dream Cream from Lush, but if I can get something free on prescription that would be good! I always end up resorting to sunbeds in the end, it's the only thing that gets rid of eczema over my whole body, but it's not a very good solution.... x x x
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