Maternity leave advice (calling all teachers!!)

Firstly sorry for G/C!

Hi girls,

I was wondering when everyone was planning on starting their maternity leave e.g. how many weeks before??

I am an assistant head and teach 5 - 7 year olds, my EDD is 29th Dec so was planning to start my ML at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec, having roughly 4 weeks before the baby is due.

Hubs agrees with my decision and think I will enjoy being off and won't get too bored as hubs is taking some holiday in Dec so will be around.

My Head has 'commented' to not take too much time before, that I might be two weeks late etc... when I said that I didn't know how tired I would be (first baby!) and that to be honest I can do without the craziness that is the end of the xmas term e.g. nativity plays, parties etc... she said that normally pg woman get a burst of energy at the end, not sure if this is true??!!

I really want to relax and enjoy my ML and of course won't be swayed by what she says as it is my decision but was wondering what others were doing, I personally don't think 4 weeks before is too excessive.

Any thoughts appreciated, will also post in baby.
Love MrsH and little pud 16+1 xxx


  • OK, this is a completely rare story, but wanted to let you know. I knew my role was going made redundant end of may, I was due 8 of june. Originally I was planning on starting annual leave and mat leave on the first of may and having 5 weeks off before hand. I changed my mind and left first of april and mat leave started 20st of april.

    I tried to take my time and relax, but wasn't really able to. Did a lot of DIY in april. Towards the end I was sleeping really bad and could not deal with waking up that early to go to work.

    25th of april my waters broke and the first of may our baby was born. I was so glad I had a few weeks beforehand before the baby came along. I wasn't bored, I had a lot of things to do. I never had the energy they always talk about towards the end of pregnancy btw.
  • nope. not true. i had a burst of energy, enough to clean the windows in my house the day i went into labour but other wise no. i was tired, sore with spd and napped a lot. there is no way i could have stayed teachng, espeically my bottom set year 10s! sounds like you head wants you to do the christmas play! i left school at 32 weeks as i was really struggling to walk about, stand for long periods in class etc because of spd. but i had 4 weeks sick because of the spd, then started mat leave at 36 weeks. i am not having a year anyway and because 4 weeks was sick ithasnt affected my leave at all. i am returnng at christmas.
  • Thank you for your responses.
    I agree Breighlin, I am sure I won't be bored, xmas shopping to do (poss online!), wrapping pressies, washing bubbas things, making meals for freezer etc...

    Calleigh - you are so right about the xmas play, she even 'joked' about having it in Nov!! We do a joint key stage 1 nativity and my colleague is more than capable!
    Think I will stick to my decision, let's hope I make it to end of Nov and my little ones don't wear me out before then!!
  • Hi,

    I am also a teacher - secondary Pe and HOY so really demanding job. I luckily had a GTP who did lots of my lessons so I went on leave at 38 weeks....... I was so glad not to go any earlier because I went 2 weeks over - fairly common to go early in first preg and I got so bored and fed up 'waiting' for bubs!

    I was very anxious to have my boy with me safely and so desperate to meet him I found those 4 weeks really tough as I just sat around the house waiting for labour and I waited a long time! I would even say that I felt a bit depressed which is really unlike me.

    Anyway, everybody is different, I would decide nearer the time and if you need to go earlier then do but it is a frustrating waiting game!

    Good Luck with whatever you choose

  • Sorry I meant to say going overdue in first pregnancy is common, not early!
  • I am a preschool assistant, we run a before and late club for the school children around the preschool hours. I am due 17th september 2010, i am working until the end of term, giving me 8 weeks before im due and i can not wait to finish work, im so tired it couldnt come sooner. I spend most of my day running around after our 2-5year olds and then have to entertain our 5-11year olds. I think i would have worked until 6weeks before had it not have been the end or term anyway.
    Good luck with your maternity leave, go with what you think, everyone is different, teachiing is tiring, people really dont realise xx
  • Thank you for your replies image

    I love my job and yes it is tiring and often all consuming but on this decision I am going to put me (and my bubba) first.

  • My role is very similar to yummum2BE, I'm a PE teacher and HOY too and I decided to work up until 13 days before due date (with first child). I had my last day at work on a Monday and had the Tuesday as my complete relaxation day before beginning final cleaning on the Wednesday. Or at least that was the plan - it didn't quite work out like that as my waters broke on the Weds (my second day of maternity leave!) and dd arrived on the Fri morning - over a week early!
  • I teach secondary Englsih and I left at 30 weeks! Don't regret it one bit! image Like Calleigh says you might get a 'burst of energy' by then but it's all relative (like walking to the corner shop). I also think that sounds like a wonderful time of the year to start your ML!

    K x

    PS I was 8 days over but I really had only just started to get bored - I always had as much planned to do as I could x
  • there are bumps and babies groups you can go to as well. my mum kept saying everyone stopped at 7 months in her day and knitted.
  • I finished at 36 weeks (2ry science). Was going to work till 38 wks but I was KNACKERED! Your head is wrooooong! Finishing early was a brilliant thing for me - lots of time for me things before LO arrived at 39+4 xxx
  • hi there!! I teach Y3 and I left when I was 37 +4, and man oh man, I wish I had gone sooner!!! The last wk in work was so so hard, I had to get lifts in and out because I couldn't fit behind the steering wheel and it was just so uncomfortable to drive anyway!! The thought of being like that and having to do Christmas play and parties at the end of the longest term....eek! I would say deffo go with your own instincts, enjoy those last few wks of pregnancy! Also I didn't have a burst of energy, I did a lot of 'nesting' and sleeping, and bubs came a wk early, so I only had 1 wk off before he arrived. Next time, I would deffo leave earlier!

    Good luck in what you decide xxxx
  • Thank you for all of your lovely replies.
    It is lovely reading what others have done.

    Calleigh - I hadn't thought about groups like that so will investigate what is in my area, thank you.

    The thought of being heavily pregnant and a busy end of term e.g. plays, late nights, xmas parties, carol service, and the chn's excitement (which is lovely I know) is not very appealing!!

    Thank you for your supportive messages, I definitely feel I will stick to my decision and not be swayed by what my Head wants, which is probably best for the school, not what is best for me!

    MrsH xxx
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