Pil rant! (very long)

This is going to be a long one! I hate being bitchy but i need to have a rant!

Were'e living with oh's parents at the moment, i have no idea how im still sane!
We were renting but after talking about buying next year, his parents asked us to move in and save. So we did. I got along with them fine before we moved in but now not so much! Lol!
His parents are taking over with the baby, its driving me nuts! She has no patterns, they will pick her up from the floor where shes playing nicely, play ith her for 5 then cuddle her in to go to sleep, after ive asked them not to many of times!
His sisters horrid kids are there non stop, before we lived there they stayed fri-sun anyway but now theyre there averyday and everynight as she has no desires to be a parent and is constantly on the pi**! They dont leave the baby alone, constantly around her which is driving me nuts! The girl is very jealous and literallty hangs off whoever is giving the baby attention! They have no discipline, the other day the 7yr old boy slapped the 4yr old girl across the face, it was sio hard i heard it, all they said was oh well, its ok because she ACCIDENTLY poked him in the eye earlier on! Errrgghh...? All she does is whinge, it goes thrue me.

His mums become a right cow the last few days, i accidently took the plug out for the tree lihgts but then put it straight back on. She had a major freak out, then left a letter next to the phone this morning not to do this again. It was no big deal, they wernt on timer or anything and it was only an accident!
When it comes to the baby, she'll suggest something then shes like a dog with a bone. She wont let it go and goes in a mood if i dont do it! Shes my daughter, shes messed up all her kids, my oh is the only normal one! So why on earth would i let her loose on my daughter!.

OOoohhh that feels better, lol! Sorry for the rant!



  • Oh my god they sound like a nightmare, how do you keep your temper!? How long do you need to live with them for to be able to save enough money?
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