I FINALLY have chosen my engagement ring!!

Pointless post I know but I have FINALLY chosen my engagement ring and its so perfect. 18 carat white gold with 1 whole carat of diamonds. I feel so special that Dave has spent so much on a ring for me!!

Its so beautiful!!!

Hope all of you are OK as I haven't been on for weeks!!

Anything new?



  • Aw that sounds lovely. We will have to see a pic. Congratulations. It is so special when you get the ring. Bet you can't take your eyes of it.
  • I haven't actually got it yet. Its coming Monday!! I do keep looking at the picture of it and its so perfect!!! As soon as I get it I will take a pic image

  • Aw lovely!
    As my husband puts it, you will only have one enagement ring which will alst for life so why have something cheap if you can work hard to afford something a bit mroe expensive!

    No offense to anyone, this is what my husband says to people when they turn there nose up to platinum. My husband was studying hard at uni and squeezed in 2 part time jobs. After we got engaged I realised why he was working so hard to earn money!

    The ring sounds lovely. Please pop a photo up so I can have a nose! x
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