I am so excited!! I've just got tickets to see Britney Spears in London in the summer. I am so excited!!

Sorry, u all probably think i am really weird lol

I hope she sings live!! she better had do!!! xxxx


  • Oooo bet that is brilliant! I really like her too but no-one I know is into her music.
    Oh is a big metal fan so we are off to see Metallica in March! Bit of a contrast to Britney :lol:

  • Oh I wanted to go so much, but I'm on holiday!!!!
  • hi louise i too am going to see metallica in feb, cant wait YAY
  • I know Sara, really looking forward to it actually. Machinehead are supporting which should be pretty heavy! So long as they play tracks from the supercharger album I'll be a happy lady image
    Any metallica should album should be class! Where you seeing them, we are going to the NEC. (sorry 2peez~in~a~pod for going off subject!)
  • yh sorry, i'm going to sheffield arena, loving death magnetic album its defo one of there best! love mr hetfield mmm lol
  • Nooooooooo. cant be having heavy metal in my cheesy pop post!! lol
  • Yeah it's good isn't it? James is defo a bit tasty lol!!
  • sorry lol i do love britney too
  • and me....she is fast becoming a legend and I would go see her.
    Hope you enjoy the concert image

  • I am so jealous. i love her

    kerry xxx
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