which sippy cups are the best?

I bought tommee tippee firststage for the girls, but they don't seem interested. It seems hard work for them to get anything out, like they're having to suck really hard. What cups did you initially use/would recommend? I'm still giving them milk in their bottles but try to give water at meal times (not wth much success!).
Thanks, Emma


  • imo the best type of cups are the basic ones with just a hole at the top for fluid to come out. none of this valve/bite/suck really hard business! Also, those flashy ones are a nightmare to get clean!
  • Thanks both! I was at a post-natal class today where there was a dental expert giving a talk. She also said the basic cus are the best & not to buy any with vavles. So I'm off out to get a basic cup!
    She also said to give the baby a dummy, rather than let them fall asleep sucking their thumb. And there was me thinking I'd been really good getting Grace weaned off her dummy. Hey ho. She does suck her thumb every night, so I'll have to try swapping it over for the dummy.

  • tommee tippee basic cup. dont get avent ones!!! they have a lil hole at the other side and erica always get juice sprayed into her eyes!!!
  • There's something wrong with Avent. I threw everything I had Avent out!!! The bottles leaked, so did the beakers - it's pathetic! Should have complained! x
  • I use the free flowing ones (no valves). I have the tomee tippee first cup and it's great. Personally I don't see the point in non spill cups anyway...most of them break and if your child is throwing water everywhere, take the cup off them! ;\) The free flow ones are better for the teeth too if you are using juice. It can take lo a while to get the hang of them as the water comes out very fast compared to a bottle but my lo is 7 months and has been doing really well with it x
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