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Leaking boobs!??

Just a quick question- i decided not to breastfeed so my milk is obviously drying out etc and baby is 10 days old now. My boobs have gone from being hard etc to now feeling pretty much normal yet they still leaking a little bit! I saw mw earlier and been discharged forgot to ask her when will my milk stop leaking?
Anyone know?? xx


  • mine still have milk at 9months and i stopped bf at 6months, so not sure when x
  • hi, i don't know personally but found this for u

    "If you do decide to bottlefeed, your milk production will stop a few weeks after giving birth. Avoid expressing milk - your breasts may feel sore for a few days after the birth, so take painkillers. Wear a well-fitting bra and stock up on breast pads as you will leak milk for a while."


    hth xx
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