Supper after Nursery?

My DD will be starting nursery for three days a week from 1st September, two weeks before her first birthday.

Currently, she is having some induction sessions.

The mealtimes at nursery are: -

8.00am Breakfast (cereal and/or toast)
10.00am Fruit
11:30am Lunch (hot meal plus dessert)
2.00pm Fruit
3.20pm Tea (light meal such as sandwiches, crumpets, scones, beans on toast etc)

I will be picking her up at approximately 4.40pm and we will be home by about 5.20pm.

As the teatime at nursery is earlier than I would normally feed her, I will need to give her something to eat when we get in.

Please has anyone got any advice of what sort of things I should be giving her at that time? I am assuming just something light like toast and yoghurt, as she will have had her main meal plus tea, but am not sure! Plus, I am conscious of not her needing to be bathed at around 6.30pm in preparation for bed, as anything later than 7pm and she is shattered. Any experiences and words of wisdom welcomed!


Em xx


  • Lily's nursery do this routine:
    Breakfast 8.45am (but Lily gets there at 9am so eats with us instead).
    10.30am Snack - fruit or yoghurt and milk
    12pm Lunch - hot meal
    2.15pm - Snack - fruit or yohurt and milk
    4pm - Teatime - sandwiches or something 'light'

    I usually pick Lily up about 4.30pm - 5pm and when she gets home, when I have my tea about 6isn she has a slice of toast, fruit or a yoghurt. Sometimes she'll have some cereal too.

    Lily is still bathed at 7pm on her nursery days 9she only goes 2 days a week).
    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you ladies image

    Not sure why the post appeared twice, sorry!

    Em x
  • I used to have this, my kids came home form childminder/nursery at 5.30pm so i used to bring them in, straight up for a bath and in jammies then sit down at 6pm and watch in the night garden with a drink of milk and a snack. It was either toast or my kids love dry breakfast cereal like cheerios.

    Gemm x
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