Co-sleeping help

I seem to have ended up co-sleeping most nights without actually meaning to, or wanting to, as LO just won't sleep in his cot.
Can anyone give any advice on how to do it safely? I don't smoke or drink, what should I do other than that?


  • hello

    LO coslept with us for a month or so until we got him a wedge sleep positioner which worked like a dream!, we still cosleep occasionally if LO is unwell which he has been recently, i always slept with him on my chest as i was concered hubby would roll over, you can buy a nest though to go in the middle, my friend who coslept her LO has her hubbys side of the bed and he slept in the other room,

    personally i feel cosleeping is safest planned, we started planned cosleeping as i was so tired i was falling asleep with him and not intentionally x
  • Hi

    I don't have personal experience, but my sister in law has a sort of foam mattress thing that holds baby in the middle of the bed, and she is still co-sleeping at 7 months. Might be useful in the short term?

    She used this sort of thing

    The only thing is, when I was trying to find it, one website said it had been discontinued in the UK becuase it doesn't conform to UK standards? I'm not sure about that to be honest! They haven't had any trouble with it. Might be worth looking into. Hope you get some rest soon

  • I use a rolled up cotton throw to create a wall between me and DH, and rset DS up against that at an angle so he can feed, He wears a sleeping bag, and DH and I have separate duvets so I wrap mine around me and tuck it under my legs so it doesn't go over DS,

    Don't want to claim that's the safest way, but that's how we do it!

    For a tiny baby I think those sleep nests look good if you are nervous about co-sleeping.
  • We co sleep quite frequently. Oh is in the spare room at the minute. I sleep on my left side with my duvet coming over my right side and like Maenad tuck it under my legs. Jason sleeps on the left side with his blanket tucked around him.
  • I used to put DD ontop of the duvet as she was in a sleeping bag and then I curled my arm around her just in case DH rolled back (which he never did!!). DD tended to sleep on her side sort of snuggled into my armpit! I'm not sure how safe that is but it's what she liked for comfort lol.
  • We put one those V pillows in the middle to prop lo up so she was pretty much in her own wee segment. She had more room than us most the time image
  • For us we just had the room set to a comfortable temp, and slept in warm pjs. Then had nothing on the bed but the fitted sheet. For me I worried about the duvets or pillows and so I removed the lot. Lol. Dh works abroad so it's mainly just me and lo in bed. I keep lo up by my head, so we are nose to nose so to speak, I don't think I could roll on someone when I am looking at them if that makes any sense, it's sort of a instinctive thing even when sleeping. Saying that my little guy is 6 months and with all the kicking and hair pulling he does I think I'm the one most in danger, but he insists the cot is too dubious to sleep in. And I just need any sleep I can steal.

  • We co slept with our ds almost solidly for the first 6 months (he then moved into his own room with no problems). My hubby never resorted to sleeping in the spare room and our ds would just sleep between us. We both turned our pillows length ways to increase space and our ds would sleep on top of the duvet with a blanket between us. We both slept lighter which must have been instinct. It was brilliant for night feeds too and meant we'd all get more sleep. I will co sleep again with number 2 when they arrive x
  • Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the advice, although the good news is that baby slept in his own bed for the whole night! Well, until 5.30am and not including 4 night feeds, but you can't have everything! Hubby and I spent the whole night in the same bed - the first time in over 3 weeks.
    Am feeling very happy and praying it wasn't a fluke!!
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