loadsa poo!! (sorry if tmi)

Tyler has been pooing loads this week. Hes not newly weaned or had any new foods. Hes been like it all week but yesterday I decided to count the dirty nappies and he done 6!!! We went back home to London last weekend and they stayed at my mums, she bought C&G1 milk for him but he takes C&G hungry baby so for the weekend he was on C&G1 but then when we came back on the Sunday he was back on to hungry baby milk. Its not particularly runny but its not normal either. Do you think its the milk or could he have a bug? If its the milk - how long do you reackon he'll be like it coz hes waking up in the night with dirty nappies? xx


  • Hi

    I know how you feel i had something similar and i know how stressed it can get esp in middle of the night!

    I think it could be the milk but if in a few days say 2 it is still the sam contact the hv and she will be able to advice my lo just seemed to clear up by itself and hv didnt know what it was.
  • I think it'll be the milk hun. Changing milk (even the same brand) can give Lo's runny poos or lots of poos!

    It could be teething or weaning related too. Gabe is teething and he has icky, runny nappies all the time! We have to do a 'full change' because he's covered in poo at least 3 times a week...
  • thanx girls xx

    Tigerlily - he is teething badly at the mo. xx
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