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About a month ago, my baby who was then partially bf and ff sicked up a few feeds at the burping stage and the whole feed came back up. This seemed to disappear but last night happened again and did just now this morning (baby now fully ff). Is this normal? Baby doesn't seem bothered by it at all and is not ill as far as I can see. It seems to happen at the burping stage. At this morning's feed she had just finished 7oz (doh!). What do you do if it happens when you're out (now sat feeding semi-naked so as not to wake dh by getting fresh clothes for me)!

Thanks x


  • aw bless. cameron has sicked up whole feeds only when he's had a cough and is coughing a lot. The HV said babies have a stronger gag reflex than adults so when they cough it can make them sick.
    how old is your lo? when my mates lo was between 1 and 6 months she suffered with reflux which is wen they fetch up most of their feeds after them. she ended up with gaviscon in her bottles to stop her vomitting.
    if your concerned give your hv or doc a call hun.
    oh and sod other half...go and get some clothes on its bloody freezin this morning!! xx
  • it could be reflux it could also be that the lo needed winded a bit more often, i find that if i wind charlie more often throught he bottle he brings and little or no milk, but if im not paying proper atention and he drinks a lot he will bring some up when sick.
    Also could the lo be drinking to much i found with my oldest that he was such a hungry baby he would drink for britan but his tummy couldnt handle that much so would bring it up again x
  • my son is 15 weeks and has gastric reflux a puked alot but this burned the little mite and caused himpain but anyway sma staydown i swear by the stuff and also my doctor gave it me perscription but i only wind him after 5oz/7oz and its not very oftern he brings back his feeds
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