Coverall bibs

Does anyone know where I can get these from in large packs (say about between 5 to 10) for a good price?

I've bought 2 from Mothercare for about ??6 and they're great as I can let Charlotte loose with self spoon feeding and not worry about clothes being stained. I need some more but they are so expensive!!

Thanks xx


  • I got some in a poundshop - they washed OK but the plastic backing was a bit stiffer than the Mothercare ones and it eventually split
  • hav u tried matalan? i got 15 plastic backed bibs for ??3, altho my lo is only 10wks,

    from memory, they did feedin bibs quite cheap
  • i dno but i want some too lol
  • ooo they sound good Lara might have to get some tomorrow Erin is always so covered in food when she gets back from the inlaws i might just put these on instead of tops! then perhaps they will actually use a bib, grrr, lol xx
  • I love the coverall bibs, but have never seen them in packs with more than 2. Zacky has about 8 of them now as I got sick of his food being all up his arms and sleeves. We call them his dresses LOL and he screams when he has them put on but loves trying to take them off now.
  • hiya
    i bought 6 for about ??4-5 off ebay...they came in various patterns, aren't as great a quality as mothercare, but do the trick!
    Sarah xx
  • I have seen some on the Ikea website. 2 for ??2.93 so might try there or Asda - thanks xx
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