Baby rice again!

I have been giving Lily baby rice duirng her 4.30pm feed. I give her half her milk a tiny bit of baby rice then the rest of her bottle. But she is really of her milk and the only time she drinks her milk really well is at her 7am feed. So shall I try her with the baby rice then? I have also read to give the baby rice after the milk feed but then I read in another book to give it haf way through a feed. I am a bit confused!

Thanks ladies!



  • I always gave it halfway through a feed. If you do it after a feed, maybe wait 1/2 hour so your lo isn't too full. My lo has milk feeds (still has 4 6-7oz bottles) seperate to solids now & he takes both really well. As for what feed you give it to her, I don't think it matters really how much milk she has? Not sure as my lo's never gone off his milk....hes too greedy! I always did it at Gabe's 7am feed x
  • I think the idea is that you give it after or in the middle of a feed so that they still have thier milk as thats the most important part of thier diet. If they're to full on solids they wont have milk and in the early stages it shouldn't replace milk.

    If she takes her milk really wel at 7am I wouldn't give her baby rice then as she needs that milk and baby rice will make her feel fuller.

    Personally, I give my lo 'food' 1/2 an hour to an hour after her 12ish feed. I've started also giving her a little bit of baby rice at 6ish before her bath and bedtime feed.
  • Thanks. She really isn't fussed about the 4.30pm feed so I will keep trying then. She is going off her milk towards the end of the day and has started to wake in the night again! She is becoming very fussy suddenly. Thank you all for your replies!
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