It really is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to Gatecrash., i normally appear on twins forum and prem births but was advised to put this on here too!

A couple of weeks ago OH and I had the scare of our lives and i wanted to tell you all about so you can see for real the dangers of co-sleeping with your babies!!

It was a Saturday Night and one of our twin girls (12 weeks at the time 7 weeks prem) wouldnt settle after I had fallen to sleep, so my OH decided to get her out of her cot and comfort her back to sleep. This went disastrously wrong when he accidentally fell asleep with her.

I awoke at 2.30 to other twin Ashlea screaming her head off (she was still in Cot) i looked across and realised Stevie was not in the cot i then noticed that she was face down in between my husband and I on the bed. She was grunting and there was blood coming from her nose and mouth and she was unconscious. I screamed for my husband to wake up and we tried to bring her round, which she wouldnt.

We were at the time unable to get any phone signal on our phones (we have new ones now) and so i had to stand outstide and call an ambulance for her, she didnt come round at all and was still grunting really bad.

The Ambulance arrived and said that they needed to get her to the hospital asap or else!!

we arrived at the hospital and 4 doctors were trying to put canulas in all at once but she was starting to close downm by this time she also had hypothermia and her blood sugar was dangeroulsy high because of the stress. they finally managed to get a canula and some fluids into her and thankfully she picked up.

we then spent the next few days in the hospital just checking her over.

this is a shocking story and i honestly believe that my darling daughter would not be here today of her twin had not woken us up,

I would strongly urge you never to take your babies to bed with you no matter how awake you feel if they wake in the night then get up and sit in an uncomfortable chair to feed them, to ensure that you stay awake.

We have been assured by our HV that there are not many parents who can honestly say they have not taken their babies into their bed at night but wihtout such horrid consequences.

Please think about this.

Sarah xx


  • omg i'm so relieved to hear your lo was ok, it brought tears to my eyes, i can't imagine how scary and frightening that must have been. I have had charlie in bed with me a couple of times, i will never do it again x
  • Oh hun I'm soo glad to hear she is ok now but you must have been absolutely terrified to say the least.

    Thanks for sharing your story & hopefully it will make others think twice before bringing their lo's into bed with them

    Hilary x
  • That is scary, I had my lo whos 19 months now in bed with me when he was a few days old, when I woke up he was face down on the mattress, thankfully he was fine but it frightened me and I never took him to bed with me again. x
  • I really hope she is okay now, I have never had to bring my lo in bed with me, although I did fall asleep with him on the sofa once, which is also a big no no. I hope this brings awareness to the other people who do it though!
  • omg max sleeps in my bed everynight, he wont settle anywhere else. must admit did it with my 1st boy too. Suppose there is no point in thinking it will never happen to you cos clearly it does. I will defo try my hardest to get him in his own cot again. this story has scared me ! but it is just me and him in a king size so no pillows near him or anything but still, its made me think!
  • Oh my God I'm so glad your lo is ok that story has sent goosebumps all over me arms. Will make oh read it when he gets in as I know he does it on the odd occasion.
    Thank you for posting this I'm sure we'll all stop and think next time we're tempted.
    Proves the theory about twin connections!x
  • I've been taking lo into bed for an hour or so every morning when he wakes up early. Not tomorrow that's for sure. Glad to hear all ok with your lo. Thanks for sharing. S x
  • That's a shocking story-thankyou for sharing it with us and im so relieved to hear that your lo is ok. Im going to read it to my hubbie.

    I had been planning on setting up the cot right next to the bed, with everything i need for feeding/changing in the bedside cabinet so that i needn't get out of bed. Is this a no-no? Should i take baby into the nursery to be fed/changed?xx

  • Thanks for sharing your story - I'm so glad your babies are ok. I too have never had to bring Poppy into bed with us for sleep but I know many people that have and I hope your story alerts people to the very real dangers.
  • you poor things, how awful!!!
    I have fallen asleep with my lo when he was about 2 weeks old, i was sitting up and holding him on my chest, i honestly thought i had just blinked and when i looked at the time it had been over an hour, so easily done but really shouldn't be!
    Going to make sure i don't do it with this lo after your ordeal!
    Hope you are all ok now!!!

  • I hope your twin is OK hun ...

    I had my lo in my bed quite a lot over the last few weeks as he was very ill with eczema & would not settle anywhere else. I was shattered as OH works nights and for the past fortnight I'd been up every 1/2 hour with him...They do recommend NOT to co sleep if you are very tired and I second this cos I woke up and I was leaning on lo's leg! I would have never forgiven myself if I'd have rolled on top of him

  • omg hun i cant imagine how you felt this proper got me shocked i take lo in bed with me as she wont settle anywhere else but after reading this im not going to even think of tryig her in bed with me and oh again even if it does mean me satying up all night i hope your lo is doing good now x x
  • omg that must of been very scarey for you all. I hope shes ok now and thanx for sharing, i think it sends out a great message. take care xx
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