Dropping the afternoon bottle

Hi everyone,

I am sorry if this has been asked loads before but I was wondering ifyou could tell when your LO dropped their afternoon bottle / when you are planning to drop it?

K is nearly 1. She dropped her mid morning one by herself - she just seemed to decide one day not to have it.

She has 7oz at 7a.m, 7 oz at 3pm & 8oz at 7pm. She generally eats quite well at breakfast, lunch & tea

Is there an age when they 'should' only be having 2 bottles a day (7am & 7pm bottle)? Should I try just cutting it out and offerign a snack and see what happens? She sleeps so well at night (I know I'm lucky) that I don't want to jinx things by leaving her hungry during the day..........

Also, I know I should be swapping her froma bottle to cup soon for her milk too (she drinks water from a cup already) but has anyone found any cups to be better than others?

Any advice would be gratefully received. :\)



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  • Lizzie is only 7 months and has just 2 bottles a day as she has never got on well with milk!
    she has 8oz at 8am and 8oz at 7:30pm. I give her breakfast which is 2oz of milk in readybrek, a snack of fruit at 10ish,lunch about 12 (this is main and pudding of soya custard or yog), another fruit snack in her nubby about 3ish and dinner about 5 (same as lunch main meal and pudding)
    Lizzie started only taking 3oz in the morning and afternoon bottle so i decided to see how she would go with 2 full bottles with added milk stuff through out the day (yog,soya custard,soya milk on cereals) and it seems to be working well-just got to see how it has effected her weight on tuesday!
  • ds is 16months and still has an afternoon 'bottle' ... he has 6oz on waking in the morning (8am), 6oz around 4pm, and 8oz at bedtime (8pm). obviously he has 3 meals a day, plus snacks too...he's showing no signs of wanting to drop it, so i'll keep it giving it all the time he wants it...he's not a big or hungry baby eitehr, and never has been, infact he's on the diddy side at the 9th centile and most of his 9-12month clothes are too big! i don't think there is a 'right' age to go down to 2 bottles/cups, just whenever is right for ur lo.maybe try offering a snack mid afternoon, and also offer her milk about 30mins later (so snack around 2.30pm) u may find that she then decides to drop the milk, or reduce it, u may find that she wants both xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for your replies. They are really useful.

    Funnily enough she didn't have her afternoon bottle today as she ate lunch later than usual and then slept through the usual bottle time. I gave her a snack at about 4pm then fed her as usual at 5pm and she finished an 8oz bottle at 7pm.

    Fingers crossed she won't be hungry in the night........ image

    Thanks again,

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